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Great Careers for Mums

When you’re a mum, and you have a hectic schedule that requires you to take care of all your kids’ commitments, it can be difficult to find a job that really works for you and your whole family, but it’s not impossible. If you want to be able to work and be there for your kids whenever they need you, there are a number of great careers that fit the bill

Here are some of the best jobs for busy mums:

Real Estate Agent

Great Careers for Mums

Becoming a self-employed real estate agent is easier than you might think and it gives you the opportunity to set your own working hours. Not only that, but most people looking to buy homes are themselves in 9-5 jobs, which means they, more often than not, want to be shown around properties in the evenings and weekends, when you can have the hubby watch the kids while you work.

School Counsellor

Working as a school counsellor is a fantastic job for busy mums because you will only have to work during school hours, which means you can always be there for your kids, and you’ll never have to worry about picking them up and dropping them off again. Of course, to be a school counsellor, you will need to undergo training, but since you can get a masters in school counseling online, this is easily something you can achieve while taking care of the kids when they need you to be around.

Financial Planner

Great Careers for Mums

If you are good with numbers and you enjoy helping people, then becoming a financial planner could be the ideal career move for you. As a financial planner, you can work freelance, taking as few or as many clients as you like and scheduling appointments around your family commitments.


Most of us have hair, which means there is always going to be a demand for good hairdressers and it is one of the many professions which you can do on your own terms. Again, you’ll need to go back to college and learn the trade if you haven’t already but this is something that you can do part-time a couple of days a week, and once you have that qualification you can run your own business on your own terms. You’ll even be able to cut the kids’ hair, and that will save you some money over the years!


Great Careers for Mums

If you love kids, and as a mum that’s probably a given, a great way to make money and ensure that you’re always home for your kids is to become a childminder. You’ll need to do a course and register as a childcare professional, but your local authority will help you with this, and you’ll have so much fun taking care of other kids from the neighbourhood. You’ll have full control over how many or how few kids you look after, as long as you’re adhering to regulations, and you can operate from your own home, so you won’t have to worry about neglecting your own children.

Are you a busy mum who works? Have you been able to successfully combine work and caring for the kids? How did you do it?

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