Goodnight Sweetheart Limited Edition i-Divine Palette by Sleek: A Review

I’ve had the new Sleek i-Divine palette a little while now. I’ve been using it but I’ve not had chance to sit down and get my review written.

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll have seen that a few weeks ago I had a mini Sleek haul from Boots, taking complete advantage of their 2 for £12 offer.

goodnight sweetheart

I got the Goodnight Sweetheart i-Divine palette, the All Night Long i-Divine palette, Dip It Eyeliner, Matte Me in ‘Old Hollywood’.

I’ll concentrate on the Goodnight Sweetheart palette for today.

Goodnight sweetheart

Top row, L-R: Seduction, Velvet Wrap, Romance, Lingerie, Dusk, L.O.V.E.

Bottom row L-R: By The Fireside, Hold Me Tight, Sweet Dreams, Love is in the Air, Snuggle, Sleeping Beauty

*It’s worth noting the top right colour is more pink and less violet than the photo depicts, I’m not sure why because all of the other colours are true to life.

The palette is a gorgeous mix of rich, vintage inspired colours in a mixture of matte, slight shimmer and extreme shimmer textures.

The palette is reminiscent of the velvety tones found in paintings from the Romantic period, and can create a dramatic look for even a make up novice.

What I love about make-up from Sleek is that the texture feels luxurious but the price tag eminently affordable, meaning even slummy mummies like me can look like I lead a glamorous lifestyle.

goodnight sweetheart
Apologies for the bad eyebrow, it looked fine in the mirror, I don’t know what has happened

I used ‘Love is in the Air’ from the middle of the lid, outwards towards my temples, ‘L.O.V.E.’ from the centre inwards (towards the nose) and used a brush to blend in the middle for the gradual darkening effect. For the socket I blended some ‘Velvet Wrap’ then the innermost part of the lid I used ‘Lingerie’ to lighten the part of the lids nearest my nose. Finally, with a brush I used ‘Lingerie’ again as a highlighter directly under my brow arch then finished with a light dusting of the same colour to give an extra bit of sparkle. I had to retouch my eyeliner (listed above) because I’m not a neat applicator, and finished the look with two coats of mascara.



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