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I don’t know about you, but as soon as Easter is done with I feel a huge sense of guilt overcome me, and it’s normally to do with the huge amounts of chocolate I’ve scoffed over the four days. Bank holidays are great, but they don’t do me any wonders for keeping weight off.

Being overweight isn’t fun, but the eating part sure is! But it made me think, why do so many people start off on a diet with the best of intentions but fall off the wagon so easily? I think it comes down to one simple thing, motivation! People go on the popular weight loss plans, and once they have hit one target, they seem to struggle with the next target.

So if someone’s original goal was to lose 1 stone, and then they hit it, they will reward themselves with a night off, but then the next week they hit the scales and see they’ve gained two pounds, it deflates them. As a result, motivation is lost, and before you know it, you’ve been knee-deep in ice cream for a week to make you feel better. So it made me think, what is the best way to keep motivated? Is it about long-term goals? Is it taking it one day at a time? What is the right solution?

Hint: we’re all different! But in looking up ways to keep motivated, here’s some successful methods to try.

Make A Commitment… Publicly!


We often don’t tell people about our goals because we are worried that we won’t accomplish them! The very simple solution? Tell the world about your goal to lose a stone and a half! It’s very easy to tell the world about this because of Instagram, and in fact, people say it’s the only way they are keeping motivated to do anything about their weight. It’s a controlled version of public shaming. Blogging about this helps to share the burden in so many ways, but with a phone and an Instagram account, we don’t have to humiliate ourselves, but also get plenty of support. That’s the great thing about social media, the support network is always there! So it’s time, make a commitment and do it publicly!



Reading about ways to achieve goals means that this always kept popping up. Visualisation is something that loads of people use, from sportsmen to people who run businesses. But a lot of people do this technique wrong. While a lot of people can visualise themselves as thin, if they don’t ever achieve this then it becomes a sort of self-fulfilling prophecy, and it just adds to their doubt that they will ever get to their ideal weight. The trick to visualising correctly is to not just imagine the end goal but to also think about the realistic obstacles that will get in your way to getting there. So, for example, if you visualise looking great in that outfit you bought, but also visualise a common problem for you, such as someone in work offering you a biscuit. If you keep both the goal in mind but also the common setbacks you get, it gives you a much more realistic overall view of the situation.

Make It Part Of Your Lifestyle


For many, the word diet implies that it’s temporary, and as soon as you’ve lost X pounds you can go back to eating what you want because you’ve lost the weight. Of course, that is not the case. The whole thing about being temporary is where so many of us go wrong, so it needs to be a bit more of an organic process. Making healthy choices and getting into the mindset of chocolate being a treat is better than feeling like you’re depriving yourself all the time. It takes around a month for a habit to be formed, and so many of us have given up way before then! The best thing to do to make healthy eating part of your lifestyle in the difficult early days is to plan everything. Every meal, every gym session, everything! That way you are exerting more control over your eating habits. Gym sessions are great if you go with a friend, so that way there’s much more motivation to actually turn up! You may discover a whole new lifestyle that suits you down to the ground, and you could even enrol on a personal trainer course. There are courses like if you feel that way inclined! The reason that it should be a lifestyle choice and not just a “diet” is because it will become habit. You will crave the endorphins from exercise, or you will crave that salad because your body is used to the habit of exercising. These things are super important for getting motivated.

The Controversial Methods…


I leave this here, but it has worked for so many people so it may be worth looking into. But if you do, please do your research and seek the advice of a medical professional if you are unsure about something. The high-fat diet has seemed to work for so many people when it comes to losing weight because the fat keeps them full, and it’s not about eating everything. It’s about having around 80% of your food come from good quality fat, like olive oil, butter, etc. and then around 10% to 15% from protein and around 5% from carbs. This is because fat is apparently our body’s preferred fuel source. The other method is fasting, and while people don’t like the idea of starving yourself, there are so many proven health benefits of doing it, besides the weight loss of course. It is a staple part of religious festivals like Ramadan, and it has been shown to help regenerate the body’s cells. But if you are thinking about doing this properly, do your research and seek medical advice. These both require so much motivation, especially the fasting one.

Losing weight is never easy, but that is because the mindset is not right. Get that right first and you should be seeing big benefits!

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