Why Do Some Gifts Become So Special To Us?

Why is it that certain gifts hold so much more value for us than others? And the value we hold for these gifts isn’t necessarily associated with the financial value of the gift. In fact, more often than not, the presents that we treasure the most over the years are those that have the least financial value.

Let’s delve deeper into the reasons why some gifts may feel more precious for us than others…

It reminds us of an important moment in our lives

Presents that we get around a particularly special period of lives may remind us of happier times. For instance, if you got a present on your wedding day, you’ll always feel a certain fondness toward it as it was given to you to commemorate your big day.

It reminds us of a person

Gifts are forever associated with the person who gave them to us. It’s hard to look at or use the present without thinking of the person who gave it to us. This can be true even for functional items like notepads or pyjamas. This may be why we hold on to presents from certain people much more. They may be those that we love the most, or those that have sadly departed from our lives. The present serves as a memory of them that we can keep with us forever

It evokes a memory

Sometimes, someone will give us a present at the spur of the moment and the gifting of that present becomes a memory in itself. For instance, if you’re on holiday with someone and they decide to buy you a little souvenir, you’re likely to always value it as it reminds you of your time with the person.

Or the present itself may be a snapshot of a memory. It could be a framed photo of you and the person, and this is likely to be something that you’ll treasure forever.

It is extremely meaningful to you

For whatever reason, some people are just better at buying meaningful presents than others. They take care to get you something that is centred around a personal passion or interest of yours. For instance, for someone who likes collecting figurines, they may purchase an angel from the WIllow Tree collection. If they know that you love a certain country, they may get you something that originates from that region. When someone has made the effort to personalise a gift to your tastes, it’s likely to be more special for you than a more generic gift.


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