Getting Yourself Wedding Ready

I’ve been engaged for a little over a year and we’ve promised ourselves we’ll book our big day soon. As the bride in this coupling, I’m aware I’ve got a lot of planning ahead of me. Hours of perusing Pinterest has confirmed that everything needs to be perfect and I have to start organising immediately.

Here’s what’s currently on my mind:

Achieving the perfect smile

Getting Yourself Wedding Ready

I know a lot of people who have had braces when prepping for their wedding. I had fixed braces in my teens but still have one tooth that isn’t quite in line with the others. Ideally I’d like my teeth to be straightened and whitened ready for the big day. I realise some braces need a while to work, so if you’re looking into this as an option, give yourself plenty of time.

Deciding on the Perfect Dress (and Then Changing my Mind 100 Times)

I have a vague idea of what sort of dress I’d like. I’ve heard this is best way to decide what sort of dress you definitely don’t want – pick a dress, try it on, hat it. Dress shopping is notoriously hard (and pricey) so a head start is necessary. Think about several possibilities and keep an open mind. Learn to trust the shop assistants, they’ll be good at spotting what styles might suit you best.


Getting Yourself Wedding Ready

The internet leads me to believe I can create some beautiful hand-made invitations with great ease. I don’t trust the internet. I want something amazing, but I don’t want the invitations to cost so much I can’t actually afford to invite anyone once I’ve bought them. I think that wedding invitations should reflect the tone of the day, so maybe plan your theme first.


As if I didn’t have enough to think about, people expect a wedding to have a theme these days. It needs to be classy and cool but look timeless in the photographs. I suggested a Twin Peaks theme to Accidental Hipster Dad, he didn’t think it was classy or cool. I guess we’re still deciding on the theme.

Colour Scheme and Flowers

Getting Yourself Wedding Ready

I feel like this goes hand-in-hand with ‘theme’ but really it’s an easy way to keep things constant but opt out of a specific theme. Flowers are a big decision. The choice is between fresh one that won’t last, or artificial ones you can keep forever. I quite like the look of a button bouquet (that’s a Pinterest influence for you) but don’t want to feel like I should have had a more traditional one on the day.


There’s a lot to consider, and these are only the big things! Imagine all the niggly bits I’ll have to think about once the wheels are in motion! Do you have any tips? What did you/are you doing to prep for your wedding? I want to hear about it – help me!


2 thoughts on “Getting Yourself Wedding Ready

  1. So many tips!
    I got my invites from Vista print for £52 and then I stuck stuff on to make them pretty instead of spending 7 million quid on paper.
    I also suggest sticking to your guns. I lovex my wedding day but I initially wanted a short wedding dress, colourful underskirt and shoes and ended up VERY traditional after everyone convinced me it’s what I should do. I loved it and felt like a princess but looking back it wasn’t what I wanted and the dress was so so heavy. I was a sweaty mess by midnight.
    I got fake foam flowers from an online company and they were amazing. Most people didn’t have a clue they were fake and they are currently in a vase in my bedroom looking immaculate and as lovely as the day we got married.
    Finally, do what you want. A week before my wedding I wanted to buy inflatables for the dance floor and wigs and EVERYONE lost their mind and told me I had to have a traditional wedding. I settled for glow sticks and popping candy but was grumpy. Fast forward 5 years and everyone had props for fun times at their wedding.
    I did however manage to give it mini rubber ducks as wedding favours along with popping candy cake pops – everyone loved it. I often pop for a wee at someone’s house and see a wedding day Duck in their bathroom.

    1. That’s amazing Ami! I think I need to work out what I want to do. I think we’re moving towards just a getting married bit then a big party. There was talk of eloping to Ireland but I think after we properly considered it, we’d miss our family and Greg might be too wild without anyone to watch him. We’re definitely getting closer to booking something!

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