Getting Braces As An Adult?

As a child, most of us at some point will end up with braces. It’s like a rite of passage for teenagers as we go through the pain of having braces put onto our teeth, and then fun picking the rubber band colours each time we get them tightened. Then, after a year or so we can come out of the other side having not paid a penny on the NHS and with a winning smile. Most of us, anyway.

But what if something goes wrong when you have your braces and you end up with an overbite you never had before? Or maybe your teeth were fairly straight as a teenager and have progressively got worse over time? Thinking about getting braces as an adult can be difficult. The embarrassment of wearing metal train tracks on your teeth for the world to see might be too much. But if your teeth are affecting your confidence and quality of life, you should go for it: and here’s how.

Go the Traditional Route

Even though Invisalign is a great option if you don’t want your braces to be seen, they are much more expensive than the traditional ones. Metal braces are more cost effective and they are much lighter in weight than they used to be. If you want to look into your different options, team at DFY Dental Broadway are here to help.

Visit an Orthodontic School Clinic

If you want to cut the cost even more, consider going to a dental school rather than an orthodontic clinic. It might sound like a strange option at first, but the plus side is that you will only have to pay for the materials, because it will be students doing the procedure as part of their studies. But don’t worry, they will always be supervised by a qualified professional who can step in at any time to correct mistakes.

Payment Plan

The best way to pay off your dental bills is to ask your clinic for a payment plan. You may find that they offer options which are cheaper than the traditional way of credit financing. You’ll be able to choose a plan with little to no interest which you’ll be able to pay off over the course of one to two years depending on which one you choose. It will make the choice to have braces much easier.

However, regular credit financing can also be a great way to pay for your treatment, and you can use loans or credit cards to do this. You may pay slightly more in interest, but you will be able to stretch the repayments over a longer period.

Look for Dental Assistance

If you are struggling with paying for the work you so desperately need on your teeth, and because you are an adult it isn’t covered on the NHS, you could try and look for assistance programs which will help you get the treatment you need at a much lower price, or even free.

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