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Getting a Bridal Body

I’ve been engaged for  few months now, but haven’t got round to booking my wedding. This is partly because me and the fiancé are pretty terrible procrastinators but partly because of my weight.

I know there’s all this body positivity about, with inspiring quotes like “there’s no wrong way to have a body” and for the most part I agree. But this doesn’t feel like my body.

I’ve always been teetering on the edge of overweight, always the bigger side of normal or creeping up in into the ‘need-to-lose-10lb’ range. Mindy Kaling put it best on her show, The Mindy Project, where she says “I fluctuate between chubby and curvy”. That was me.

That was me until I crept up much bigger than I ever was before and I’m struggling to shift it. When I shop for my wedding dress, I want my old body back (or maybe a slightly better one if I can muster it).

This is why I have set a goal. A goal to chip away large amount of weight before September this year so that I can start looking at dresses (and venues) to give me the perfect day. I don’t want the perfect body, I just want my own body, this hefty lump I’m dragging round with me is not mine.

Originally, I planned to lose 50lb in three months. Although this has been achieved by many, after a discussion with my Weight Watchers leader, it seems like a goal that requires a lot of work and may leave me demotivated in the long run.

So instead my goal is 30lb in three months. That’s still a significant amount (just over 2 stone for the Brits reading this) and anyway, I’ll still secretly be aiming for that 50 in my head.

The basics of the plan are that I’ll follow the Weight Watchers eating suggestions (and portion sizes, I’m a greedy monster when left to my own devices) as well as aiming to do regular exercise.

I recently joined my local leisure centre and have been swimming (read more here) but intend to gradually increase my activity over the coming months. I want to feel the health benefits of weight loss and if I don’t keep my body fit, I worry that I won’t.

So this exercise is a new hobby. I haven’t had chance this last week because I’ve had exams. My last exam is tomorrow and then I can give this my all.

I can’t wait to feel more like myself and I can’t wait to look at wedding dresses. No one wants to compromise on their big day and unless I lose weight I will have to on my dress.

So this is a new beginning and I can’t wait!


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5 thoughts on “Getting a Bridal Body

  1. Good luck, and you can do it. I have been ‘healthy eating’ for 2 months now. I have found that just cutting out snacks, drinking water instead of tea with sugar and making sure I have my 5 a day has helped a lot. Oh, and I started a beginners running group and have been running 3 times a week.
    I have lost about a stone, but more importantly I feel much more confident and feel like my clothes fit better. Those things are more important than the number on the scales xxx

  2. Good luck with your journey! I’d leave a motivational quote or something uplifting but there are tons of them out there! They journey to a healthy body begins with a single pound.

  3. I think you are just so beautiful and envy you from across these waters fairly often, but I also understand exactly what you mean re: not feeling one with your own body. I recently gained about five pounds and it’s just enough to tip the scale and tip me out of my summer wardrobe (grrrr). So I’ve taken up more and more biking. I’ll have to read up on your post on swimming bc that sounds ah-mazing!!! So proud of you! Xx!! Lace

    1. Thank you, that’s very kind, and you look absolutely perfect in your photos. Just treat those 5lb as an excuse to shop! I’m sure it’ll drop off quickly if you want rid. I need to buy a bike, how are you finding it? x

  4. Good luck. I hope with a dress style goal at the end it will keep you motivated. Don’t punish yourself for the odd snack. Try and keep to the weight watchers system and don’t try and go for the extra loss. do 30lbs then try dresses on, you can keep pushing for the 20lbs before you make your decision on the dress! Aka, lots of shopping! Thanks for linking to #abrandnewday

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