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What Gets In The Way Of Your Weight Loss And Fitness Plan?

There are many different methods and hacks to help you lose weight and improve your fitness. You might book a whole term of exercise classes, or meticulously plan your schedule to fit in those brisk walks.

It takes a lot of work and effort just to get going, so you don’t want anything to stand in your way of keeping it going. Of course, life doesn’t work like that. Just as you think you’ve got this nailed, something crops up to get in the way. Here are 4 of the challenges you may have to overcome to stick to your weight loss and fitness plan:


Many exercises cost nothing to do except a little of your time. However, if you’re in financial difficulties, you may find that it is necessary to work longer hours or get a second job. This will obviously rob you of your spare time that you had planned to spend exercising. It’s not easy to keep the activity up when this happens. Make sure you take all the breaks you are owed and try to use them for a quick power walk. Stretching at your desk can also go a long way to improving your circulation and toning your muscles.

What Gets In The Way Of Your Weight Loss And Fitness Plan?


Any injury you might suffer can put the brakes on hard to a fitness programme. It’s very important not to push your body too hard or too fast after you’ve had an accident either. Sleep may be impaired, so this can delay healing. Speak to someone like Quittance personal injury solicitors to see if you are eligible for compensation to cover the costs of any extra treatment or physiotherapy you might need. To avoid workout injuries, always stretch thoroughly both at the beginning and the end of your exercises.


It doesn’t matter whether you were planning to have a baby or not. No two pregnancies are alike. You may have had a comfortable pregnancy last time, but this time you’re feeling ill and achy. Exercise during pregnancy is important to ensure you have the strength and stamina for the birth. Some forms of exercise may need to be adapted such as weight or resistance training and Yoga. Many runners continue to train, although the distance and speed are reduced. If your hips are uncomfortable, it might be best to avoid this kind of workout though.

What Gets In The Way Of Your Weight Loss And Fitness Plan?

New Job

Starting a new job, especially one that has a significant bearing on your career progression, can be stressful. Learning the ropes takes time, and chances are you’re starting early and finishing late to get on top of things. A new job will suck the life force out of you! It’s tiring both mentally and physically. Don’t be afraid to cut back a little until you’re into your new routine. Spend your lunch breaks getting to know your colleagues, but do try to keep active after work. You might be tempted to eat more to keep yourself going right now. Opt for the healthiest snacks you can find and gradually get yourself back on track. Good luck!


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