Gender-bending Fashion: Key Items Women Should Buy from the Men’s Section

Fashion is often more and more about blending the gender lines these days. You can find lots of models with an androgynous look, and some prominent people are mixing things up when it comes to clothing and makeup. While some men are wearing their hair long, getting into floral patterns, and even wearing skirts and dresses, women can also enjoy wearing clothes with a more masculine bent and even those designed exclusively for men to wear. In fact, a lot of women enjoy the comfort and practicality, as well as often the simplicity, of men’s clothes over women’s. Here are some of the clothes and accessories you should go to the men’s department for.


How big are the pockets in your jeans? Do they even have real pockets? And last time you bought a pair of trousers, did you have the option of picking the waist size and leg length, or did you have to try and pick the correct overall size for that particular label? Visit the men’s department for trousers and not only will you find sizeable pockets for all your needs, but you can usually choose based on measurements too. This is often not the case at all for women’s trousers, which can be very hard to buy. However, be careful. While many women have prominent hips, most men don’t. So try on some different styles and sizes to see what works.


Gender-bending Fashion: Key Items Women Should Buy from the Men's Section

Sure, women’s shirts and blouses often have a little extra tailoring to help them fit a woman’s shape. But more often than not, it can seem like they’re designed to fit a particular woman’s shape, and not yours. Women’s shirts can often be too tight or too loose in all the wrong places, and let’s not even mention gaping on the buttons over the bust. Men’s shirts tend to be a little roomier, even if they’re not cut with a woman’s curves in mind. If you want some more shape, you can always try a belt or some layering.


You can never have too much jewellery. And some of the more masculine pieces you can find in the men’s section can be great for adding to a variety of outfits. If you’re going for something flashy, you might like the mens diamond rings from Frost NYC. Or perhaps for something a bit more natural and rustic, you could look at leather cuffs or braided bracelets. You can also find some strong pendants or chain necklaces. Or how about a metal link bracelet, or perhaps a men’s watch? Jewellery can often look fairly gender neutral, but men’s jewellery can be more robust and less delicate.


Snuggling into an oversized jumper or cardigan can be so comforting, especially when it’s cold, or you’ve had a bad day. While you can just buy women’s knitwear a few sizes too big, it’s often easier to find something chunky and warm in the men’s section. Men’s clothes don’t always change as much with different trends, so you can always find certain basics. Try a smart chunky knit jumper or maybe layer up with a hoodie instead. There’s no need to steal your boyfriend’s jumpers. Just buy your own.


Gender-bending Fashion: Key Items Women Should Buy from the Men's Section

There’s not much that’s very gendered about a lot of bags. While you’ll find plenty of handbags that are meant to be decidedly feminine, a lot of “men’s” bags don’t exactly look out of place being carried by a woman. If you’re not into handbags or girly designs for suitcases, try the men’s section instead. You can find some great bags, from smart duffels to satchels and smaller “man bags”. They can have more of a masculine look or just more of a neutral appearance if you want something that isn’t too feminine.


This option isn’t open to every woman. Those with smaller feet will struggle to find men’s shoes to fit them, but women with slightly larger feet could discover a whole new world of shoes. One of the benefits of being able to buy men’s shoes is that you might find many more practical shoes. If you look in a shoe shop, you can often see many more options for trainers for men than for women. Much of the women’s section will be taken up by heels. Men’s clothes and shoes might seem limited in choice in some ways, but in other ways, they offer more choice. If you like the style of a pair of shoes, you can probably find five more pairs in different colours and patterns.

You might not start buying your whole wardrobe from the men’s section, but a few men’s items could transform your look.

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