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Gassy the Cow Review & Giveaway

It can’t just be my house where rude = funny, can it? We were recently sent Gassy the Cow from Drumond Park to review and the theme is very, erm, toiletty. More specifically, cow pat centric.

Of course, a funny family game is ten times funnier if you can pretend to get covered in poo (cow pats, no less!), so we experienced many giggles from the moment the box was opened.

The kids had already seen Gassy the Cow on TV and Greg laughs every time the advert comes on. (Did I mention poo is the highest form of wit if you are a three-year-old boy?) He was giddy with excitement when we received the game for review.

What’s in the box?

Gassy the Cow Review

Gassy herself, some normal poos, a mega poo and some wees are the main contents. You also receive instructions but no batteries (Gassy needs 2xAAAs to moo).

The screw that needs to be undone to insert the batteries it at the bottom of a longish, skinny hole. Our one screwdriver was too fat (yes, the extent of our toolbox is one screwdriver. We’re hopeless, we don’t even own a hammer), so the first game had more of an accoustic feel to it (I provided the sound effects).

What did the kids think of Gassy the Cow?

Gassy the Cow Review

Gassy the Cow is aimed at children of ages 4+. Greg is three but it’s impossible to exclude him from anything, so we let him have a go. He was able to join in and play nicely. If you have a sensible under 4, I’d say they should get on fine with older siblings if you’re able to supervise. Emma is 8 and loved every second of it!

The concept of a ‘mega poo’ had the kids in fits of laughter, as did shrieking “YOU’RE COVERED IN POO!” every time Gassy did her business.

Gassy the Cow is a fab family game and went down a treat in our house. With Christmas just around the corner, this would be a lovely addition to any family time.

Luckily for you lovely readers, Drumond Park are offering you the chance to win your very own copy of the game worth £24.99!

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  1. The url is “gassy cow” so I wasn’t sure what to expect in your latest post but I’m glad it was a game not a flatulent large lady hahahaha. Looks fun though #RVHT

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