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I turned 30 on New Year’s Eve and received my student loan the day before. I may have been a little drunk on the ‘new year, new me’ vibes Facebook was dishing out (or perhaps it was the birthday wine) but I decided I’d really look after myself properly this year.

So I thought I might as well start where it counts; the outside!

(Soz, no talk of kale smoothies here. Although we have started having smoothies filled with good stuff a couple of times a week. Anyway, I digress.)

Naturally, I decided subscription boxes would vastly improve my life, after all, I live for Glossybox. A razor subscription box sounded like a great idea.

Friction Free Shaving


I came across Friction Free Shaving on Twitter. They tweeted me when I was begging the world of social media strangers to tell me what I should use to shave my legs (I’d been using a Lidl bargain bin men’s razor for a while but was out of cartridges).

I’d always spent a fair bit on razors but had fallen into the false economy trap of buying cheapies that are rubbish and barely do their job.

I’m not a hairy lady, there’s no reason a razor should be blunt after one ankle.

So when Friction Free Shaving tweeted me I thought I’d check out their website. In all honesty it took me about another six months of hairy errors before I took the plunge.

The razor I wanted was a £7 per month. In my naivety I thought “Pffttt, as if I want to spend that much shaving my legs when I buy these awful razors for £3 and they only ruin my legs a little bit”.

I am a fool!

I was easily paying about £12 a month for bad razors when I took into account how quickly I was getting through them. They also weren’t very good and were a one use kind of a gig.

Here’s the juicy part – the Friction Free Shaving Review

So, excited by new beginnings, I plumped for the top of the range £7 razor (in rose gold because I am a poser).

Friction Free Shaving

I have really erratic sensitive skin. I can buy something heavily perfumed from Lush and be fine, then change my fabric softener and feel like my skin is on fire.

I suffer for contact dermatitis (but only sometimes) and stress eczema on occasion too. Hair regrowth irritates me as well. This means I have really strict rules on how my legs should be.

Basically, I either need to commit to being completely smooth or commit to being a hairy bear of a woman. Obviously, the former is preferable but poses some problems with my sensitive skin.

I can’t use a razor where I have to go over the same patch more than once and I hate those weird razors with those funny guards on them. They seem to irritate my skin too.

The razor I chose had 5 blades, meaning no do-overs needed on patches that have already been shaved.

Friction Free Shaving

I also went for some posh shaving cream. I usually use one with some sort of Olay moisturiser in as lots of generic brands aggravate my sensitive skin too. The cream claims to ‘cationic’ which I believe raises your hairs and makes it easier to get a closer shave. It also contains manuka honey, shea butter and coconut oil – a pretty gorgeous trio.

Friction Free Shaving

My Verdict

Actually, very impressed. I didn’t need to re-shave any areas I’d already done, the five-blade system sorted that for me and I didn’t get sore underarms either, which was a bonus.

The shaving cream certainly felt luxurious but does cost a lot more than I would normally spend. As as making my hairs stand up, I didn’t really notice, but that might be because they were very short to begin with. My legs did feel more smooth and hydrated than they usually would in my previous shaving routine.

I think it’s probably the best razor I’ve ever used but I do prefer a shaving cream that has more of a foam (although I did enjoy that the cream was transparent, that probably helped me see where to shave).

It’s been fine for my sensitive skin and I haven’t experienced any irritation, my legs feel great and I think I’ll keep using them for the future.

This isn’t a collaborative post and I paid for the good myself. They do offer a refer a friend scheme, so if you want to try it, you can sign up through my referral link, although I’m a little unclear as to what I actually get. It just claims I’ll receive ‘rewards’. There’s also this code: ALRDGF (again, not sure what it’s for).

(The referral scheme is for all paying customers, so if you sign up, you can refer people and get mystery rewards too, it’s not just a blogger thing.)

Wishing you all a hair-free new year!


3 thoughts on “Friction Free Shaving Review

  1. I’ve been getting FFS for the past four months but they are always sent late – does anyone else find this?
    I usually receive the box 4.5 sometimes 5 weeks after the previous. This makes it difficult to stick to the ‘blade a week’ theory…

    1. I haven’t had any trouble, have you tweeted them? Their Twitter person seems really good, I think it’s only quite a small business, they should get back to you quite quickly x

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