A Flawless Finish with Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Collection

Joan Collins is known for her own timeless beauty, so when she launched the Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Collection, it was never going to be anything less than impressive.

I was sent some samples to try and after some rigorous vetting, I can confirm I’m absolutely in love! The first thing that struck me about the range was how luxurious the packaging looks. I feel like a film star just holding the products!

Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Collection Review

They arrived in some beautifully classy black and gold packaging, which soon revealed the shiny gilt outer casing of the products.

I received the First Base foundation in the warm fair shade. It boasts to be more than a foundation, claiming to be actively hydrating, protective and anti-aging.

Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Collection Review

The coverage is fabulous and not at all cakey. It glides on and hides a multitude of sins. Since the foundation claims to boost collagen production and hide fine lines, I gave it a try without primer, which is almost unheard of for me since I hit the big 3- 0 (actually, probably since I was 25 if I’m honest).

I applied the foundation straight on my face (no primer) using a makeup sponge to both apply and blend. It covered my uneven skin tone, hid my dark circles and and smoothed the fine lines around my eyes!

A Flawless Finish with Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Collection
Excuse the grumpy face. I think my skin looks so good here, it looks like I’ve been Photoshopped! (I haven’t)

The above picture also shows the mascara and finishing powder from the compact. The mascara is really lovely!

Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Collection Review

I’m normally incredibly loyal to another mascara brand, so for me to even give it a go was a breakthrough. I can honestly say I loved the results and have been wearing it every day this summer. What caught my attention was the fact that it claims to help stimulate growth and thickens your lashes.

The brush gives ease of application and the formula isn’t clumpy at all. It made my lashes look thick and full (which was a bonus as they were left a little sparse after the removal of individual eyelash extensions). The mascara lasted well, didn’t flake or shed and was easily removed with some micellar water at the end of the day.

I’ve been trying it for about a month now and I’d say my lash thickness has returned it its glory days, pre-extension removal.

Out everything, I think my favourite is the compact with finishing powder and lipstick. Yes, the foundation basically works miracles, but just holding the compact makes me feel like an old Hollywood star. It’s so luxurious and beautiful! In fact, everything in the range screams high-end.

Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Collection Review

You’ve already seen the results of the powder in my photo above so I won’t bore you, but application feels so smooth and not at all chalky. It also stayed on all day and I didn’t look shiny at any point during the day.

Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Collection Review


The lipstick is beautiful too.

Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Collection Review

It’s bursting with Hollywood glamour; obviously the blood red colour adds to that image, but the application is so smooth. The lipstick is full of moisture and definitely has staying power, despite the shiny finish.

A Flawless Finish with Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Collection

The compact has a mirror in the lid, meaning on-the-go glamour can absolutely be achieved, wherever you go! Whether you’re a jetsetter or a just a busy glamamama like me who spends her days touring play areas and school assemblies, this compact has got you covered.

What’s your favourite?

*PR samples

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