Five Trends You Don’t Want To Miss This Summer

Summer is round the corner, and I’m excited to bring you this fab guest post to prep your for what’s about to explode on the fashion scene!

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Five Trends You Don’t Want to Miss This Summer

Five Trends You Don't Want To Miss This Summer

Don’t let your sense of style wane as the heat starts to wax! Even though the temperatures are beginning to rise all across the country, summer trends for 2017 promise to bring some spark to your wardrobe without leaving you overheated or overwhelmed. Between an 80s revival, some ultra-feminine touches on garments, and much more, you’ll be able to feel both airy and adorable this summer season without sweating up a storm.

Shorts with Bold Prints

Bold prints, in general, are big this season, but they’re even more popular on shorts. Vogue has a guide specifically for floral piecesthat have shown up on runway shows, as well. Floral prints have been trending for some time, but have recently shown up in a new and eye-catching transformation for the hot days of summer this year, offering new variants to old fans and more enticing patterns to people who haven’t hopped on the bandwagon yet.

These gorgeous prints aren’t the only thing that people are rocking on the runway for summer, too! Extremely loud and vibrant stripe patterns are also in, with a focus on chunky stripes or striped patterns that make use of very bright colors.

Bright Colors

Speaking of bright colors, models are rocking extreme color palettes in nearly all of the summer collections. Whether it’s a blinding blue, a vibrant violent, or an outrageous orange, saturated colors are going to be big. And it’s not just for statement pieces! Models were seen rocking entire head-to-toe colors, whole ensembles of brightness. This will be the perfect season for those who enjoy to stand out with some electrifying palettes. For people who are used to a more subdued look, this summer might just be your perfect opportunity to do a little experimenting!

80s Throwbacks

Five Trends You Don't Want To Miss This Summer

The 90s have been big in the fashion scene for quite a while, but we’re starting to dip our toes back into the decade before it once again. Bits and pieces of 80s fashion come back into style quite frequetly, but this season sees several prime elements returning to take center stage. This includes large, oversized shoulder pads, blazers with a short cut, and looser-fitted pants. Of course, the bright colors and bold patterns can easily play into this as well, and many people may find it easy to thrift some truly 80s pieces in gorgeously saturated colors.

Ruffles Everywhere

As we can see in Cosmopolitan’s summer fashion lineup, ruffles are really the cat’s meow, and they’re being put everywhere.The most popular look with ruffles involves trimming the edge of the neckline, which allows for a soft and feminine look while simultaneously evoking shades of the 80s to fit in with another big trend this summer. However, they don’t stop there. Ruffles on sleeves, as accent pieces, or hemming the edge of a dress or shirt have also been spotted frequently in trending garments. For users who find the harsher aesthetic of the 80’s or bold prints and colours a little too much for their tastes, these more romantic trends will be absolutely perfect.

Lace and Cutout Dresses

Dresses are always a great choice for summer. They’re stylish, cute, and are better at keeping you cool than almost anything else. Flirty and feminine dresses are going to be in this season, with the primary trends being dresses with lace accents – or made entirely from lacy fabrics – and dresses with cutouts. Sites like are already on board with these soft and pretty styles, offering a myriad of different garments for you to browse through. Cutouts in the back area are shaping up to be the most popular, but there are a few more risque dresses out there with cutouts in the front for those who want to add a little edge to their cute and girly look.

Mixing and matching is the best part of building your wardrobe, and as you can see, summer 2017 has a wide selection for you to choose from. Pick your favorite pieces and throw them together for a uniquely you ensemble! Or try something new, maybe even something that you don’t think is “you”. You could be surprised with the end result, and you might find yourself rocking a whole new stylish, refreshing look this summer.

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