Five Things Organised People Do Differently

Very few of us are naturally organised people, instead it’s a skill that has to be worked on. Some people will quickly learn that disorganisation means missed deadlines, showing up late to meetings and losing their things and will actively take steps to stop these things from happening. For others, it’s a case of dealing with the chaos. If you fall into the second camp and are wondering what organised people do that’s different to you- here are a few examples.

They Write Lists

Trying to keep track of everything you need to do in your head is always going to end badly. Once you start getting stressed or busy, things can easily be forgotten or got wrong, writing out a list is so much more efficient. Whether it’s a shopping list, a to-do list, a list of important numbers- organised people write down the information they need in some way or another. It could be in a notebook with a pen or using an app- either way if you want to become more organised this is a good place to start.


They Get Things Done The Night Before

Are you guilty of leaving things until the last minute? If you’re getting up in the morning and having to rush around finding paperwork, packing bags, making lunches finding and ironing clothes and more it’s not going to get your day off to the best start. Organised people know this, and will spend time each evening getting things done and ready. That way when they get up, they can get ready at their own pace and not have to run around like a headless chicken.


They Keep Their Spaces Clean and Tidy

You can never truly be organised if all of your spaces are messy and cluttered. Your desk, your car, your handbag, your bedroom- keeping these places in order will help you to stay on top of things and mean you know where everything is when you need it. Decluttering is an ongoing process, it’s something you need to dedicate time to regularly to keep things neat and stop junk accumulating. Invest in some good storage systems- boxes, drawer dividers, bags, whatever works for you. Make a point of putting things back where they belong once you’re done.


They Leave Extra Time

Organised people will leave a little extra time when making journeys to ensure that they’re punctual. You never know when a road is going to be closed, when you have to take an alternative route or something happens along the way to where you’re going which will take you longer. If it’s for something particularly important like a meeting or job interview it makes sense to do this, but wherever you’re going giving yourself a couple of extra minutes can help things run much more smoothly. Get yourself a good watch too, don’t just rely on your smartphone as there might be times when you’re not able to access it. Brands like ice watches for example look very smart and cool but are practical too. If it’s been years since you’ve worn a one it’s well worth getting back into the habit. Research has even shown that more successful people wear watches.


They Make Time For Breaks

Finally, being organised doesn’t have to mean all work and no play. In fact, organised people know how powerful taking a break can be, and will work these into their day. After having a coffee or some water and stretching your legs you can go back to whatever you were doing with better focus. Plan out your day and allow yourself breaks when you need them.

1 thought on “Five Things Organised People Do Differently

  1. I’m good at all this (I thrive on lists) except the “do it the night before”. I bet mornings would be much easier if I packed lunches the night before. That would be an extra 30-45 minutes in the morning. But once the kids are in bed, it takes too much will power to get off the couch. It misses me all day long and it’s always happy to see me again at the end of the day. Great advice, though!

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