Fidget Spinner Giveaway!

Fidget spinners have taken over my daughter’s school and she claims she is the only one without one! Luckily, I’m being sent one (review to follow, guys), to help promote this fab Fidget Spinner Giveaway!

Head on over to Simply Eliquid and all you have to do is fill in your email address and you’ll be given a code to share with your friends and family, and you’ll get a fidget spinner in return for spreading the word! So simple, now go now grab your free fidget spinner!

Accidental Hipster Mum

If by some weird act of parental fate, you have not heard of these jazzy little must-have toys, then allow me to give you a quick run down.

Basically it’s a plastic toy that you hold in the middle and spin. I know, I don’t get it either (but I would never admit that to my 8 year old). It’s just one of those crazes your child simply HAS to have. I remember attempting to explain pogs to my mum about 20 years ago. Becoming a mum suddenly makes you too uncool to understand the latest craze.

fidget spinner giveaway

I’ve just this minute heard a rumour you can balance it on your nose while it spins and you can stack them too! Okay, I get it now.

It’s been suggested they help those with ADHD to focus more, as well as parents of autistic children noticing that they are beneficial too.

My daughter is a little fidgeter and I can’t wait until our fidget spinner arrives. She can’t sit still on a normal day, so I’m hoping once the fidget spinner is in her hands (or balancing on her nose), she might finally sit still for a few minutes!

Keep your eyes peeled for my review and while you wait, why not sign up and get your freebie? Click on the picture above and it’ll take you were you need to be. Happy fidget spinning!

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