FFS! Friction Free Shaving Rose Gold Review & Discount Code

Have you seen Friction Free Shaving’s new mate? She’s called Rose and she’s gorgeous.

FFS! Friction Free Shaving Rose Gold Review

Okay, yeah, so Rose is a razor. It doesn’t make her any less beautiful now that you know though, does it?

I actually received Rose as a gift. Friction Free Shaving were being super awesome and gifting a few people an engraved Rose razor to try out. I was already a customer anyway, so I was super excited!

FFS! Friction Free Shaving Rose Gold Review
Look! That’s me! I’m Jenny!

I’ve written about the FFS subscription before, and I loved it back then too when I bought the razor with my own cash. I’m sure you know I’m always honest anyway, but in case you want to refer back to before I was gifted, then the post is still live.

How’s Rose doing?

I’m sure you’ll be glad to know Rose is settling in really well. She seems at home on the side of my bath, and never lets me down.

FFS! Friction Free Shaving Rose Gold Review

The razor head is designed to be changed weekly, so naturally I do. I previously was subscribed to the top range razor FFS offered, and this is what Rose is directly replacing.

FFS! Friction Free Shaving Rose Gold Review

I find that the movement of the head has really improved, it hugs the curves of my legs perfectly (and I assure you, they’re very curvy). The shave is super close and seems to stay smoother a bit longer too.

FFS! Friction Free Shaving Rose Gold Review

Since my first review it seems I’ve changed my mind on the shave cream. Back then, I really missed a frothy foam. Since switching to this transparent cream I once forgot and used my old shave cream. In comparison, the foamy cream seemed really hard to use. I couldn’t see the hairs, it didn’t feel as smooth and my sensitive skin stung a little post shave. So it appears I am not a shave cream convert and can never go back! That’s not a bad thing though, my legs are very thankful.

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