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The Feel Good Diet Club

As someone who is eternally on a diet (and eternally failing on that diet) I thought I’d reach out and offer some support to others in my position.

I’d like to invite anyone who wants to lose (or has lost) weight to join the Feel Good Diet Club Facebook group.

I used to be a member of Weight Watchers, until I ran out of time and money. The thing is, I understand the fundamentals of weight loss, what was helping  me keep going was the support and the accountability the meetings offered.

The weight loss industry is worth millions, especially now, when obesity is rapidly increasing. So why let it be? Why shouldn’t support and advice be free?

That’s what got me thinking that there must be loads of people in a situation similar to mine. People who need the support, need the accountability and perhaps don’t have the time or money to give to a weight loss club. That’s why I created the group.

Feel Good Diet Club

What we definitely know about weight loss is that you need to eat a little less and move a little more. That’s the key. Drink plenty of water, cut down on sugar, and try hard to follow a fresh, balanced diet. That’s the basic toolkit for weight loss, but I need more.

I know that ‘dieting’ doesn’t work if you’re unhappy. If you tell yourself you’re ‘on a diet’, you instantly feel terrible and sneak some crisps or chocolate. You need to feel good to make the right choices. Making the right choices isn’t a diet, it’s just a better way to live.

Getting things off the ground can be hard because it’s easy to tell yourself you’re having a ‘last hoorah’. I have a lot of last hoorahs. It’s a dangerous game to play.

So, from here on out I’m making a change. I’m trying to eat less and fit in some exercise but I’m mindful that feeling good is a weight loss ingredient. I think having a treat day (rather than a cheat day) can boost morale and give you something to look forward to, so come and join the club!

If you’re a blogger, you’re invited to share your weight loss/ healthy living/ exercise related posts on Mondays and Fridays. The only thing we don’t allow is people selling miracle pills (or suchlike). Support is really important, even if you’ve gone off track.

Join me.

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13 thoughts on “The Feel Good Diet Club

  1. Sounds like an amazing group you’ve created. I totally agree that feeling good is an important part of weight loss. I have a treat day every Friday and it’s definitely something to look forward to.


  2. Sounds lile a great supportive group. I’ve been on slimming world for 5 weeks & lost 7 lbs but know half term is going to be very difficult especially as away for 4 days & I could eat hot cross buns every day 😊 good luck with your weight loss. #kcacols lifeinthemumslane

  3. What a great idea! I agree that it feels a bit wrong to monetise people’s health, emotions and self-esteem (which nearly always seemed to be connected to their weight!) so this is a great group idea. #RV&HT

  4. Great idea! I’m not officially trying to lose weight but I would like to get healthier… one thing I’ve noticed is people eat more when they are tired, so going to bed at a decent hour is actually a good weight loss tactic! #RV&HT

  5. Hi,

    Now that spring is on us (finally) I have been trying to cut down on those hearty winter meals (casseroles, pies and crumbles) and to eat more salads and fresh fruit. I am not yet up to 10 a day and I am not sure that I feel that I have any more energy, but I do feel quite smug.


    Pen x #RV&HT

  6. I love this post.I refuse to say I am on a diet but I am changing my eating habits and getting healthy. I totally agree you need to feel good for it have an impact and I find that exercise, for me, is a big part of that. I feel better when I workout and because I feel better I don’t feel the need to find that in the bottom of a bag of mini wispa bites or 2! #kcacols

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