My Favourite Summer Beauty Trends 2017

When summer arrives, new and returning beauty trends pop up. I love being able to go barefaced  without looking paler than snow. Saying goodbye to foundation for the summer months does wonders for my skin (and my confidence). I like a lot of things about summer beauty trends, so I thought I’d share what I rate most highly.

My Favourite Summer Beauty Trends:

Summer Skin

Getting the best summer skin is an annual quest of mine too. When all the summer editions of the glossy magazines are out, the freebies are often highlighter to make your tan glow, or moisturising milk to make you super soft.

Hair removal is biggie too. I like to shave often anyway, but in the summer I try and make it last longer. I used to epilate, but I lost my epilator when I moved house so reverted to waxing. Waxing seems to hurt less than I remember, in fact, I remember epilating being much more painful, so waxing will now stay in my summer routine. I tend to prefer the wax used by professionals (

My Favourite Summer beauty Trends 2017

Once I’m smooth,  concentrate on getting an even (fake) tan. I’m still trying products at the moment, but I do know that if I want quick results I’ll go for a mousse and if I want something I can build up I go for a gradual tanner. Showering can dry skin out, but I tend to shower more than ever in the summer. To counteract this, I use a very thick moisturiser as soon as I’ve dried myself after the shower. At the minute I’m loving the one that comes in the Charity Pot by Lush.

Summer Face

Strobing and highlighting isn’t going anywhere and it’s the perfect way to show off a tan. If you’re new to the concept, I’d suggest investing in a light shimmery highlighter and dusting a small amount along the top of your cheekbones and directly under your eyebrows. If you’re still not sure if you’re doing it right, YouTube will set you straight.

DIY Natural Masks

Avocado on you face, honey on your hair and body scrub made of coffee grounds? It’s the new trend sweeping Instagram. I call it kitchen beauty, but I’m sure it has a real name.

There’s something to be said for making your own masks; for a start, you know exactly what goes in there. No parabens, no perfumes, and not tested on animals. What’s not to love?

My facialist has recommended a kitchen beauty treatment to unclog pores on my nose. I’ve not had chance to try it yet, but I’ll share it with you. You need half a lemon, and some coarse brown sugar. You’re supposed to put a thick later of the sugar in the lemon half and scrub your nose. I assume it really stings but lemon juice is a natural astringent so it’s supposed to close the pores once they’ve been cleaned.

Summer Nails

Favourite Summer Beauty Trends 2017

I love sorbet colours for nails, and this summer they are EVERYWHERE! For an affordable treat, look out for Rimmel or Barry M colours.

To look after your nails in summer, you should use a hand cream with an SPF during the day. In the evening you should apply cuticle oil before bed, along with a thick hand cream and leave both to sink in over night. Remember to use acetone-free nail polish removers if you haven’t used gel polish, and if you spend a little extra, you can usually get one with a moisturising agent in it too.

I tend go leave my nails bare once a week, I don’t think there’s any scientific evidence to say it’s good, but anecdotally I’ve found my nails to be stronger if I do this.

What are your favourite summer beauty trends? Have you tried any kitchen beauty treatments? I want to know!

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