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Fat Girl, Swim

There’s a certain vulnerability that comes with being in a public place with only some thin, stretchy fabric covering your modesty. That vulnerability triples (at the very least) when you’re not happy with the way your body looks.

I am overweight.

One way to stop being overweight is to exercise.

I hate the way I look when I exercise because I am overweight.

And the cycle continues.

Eventually you have to bite the bullet and just get on with it so I joined my local leisure centre and my first activity of choice was swimming. I hate swimming.

The thought of being almost naked in a room full of people who are bound to be thinner and more athletic than you is a pretty grim one, but I made it and it wasn’t awful.

I shuffled out of the changing room, sticking to the perimeter of the pool to remain inconspicuous, assessing the fastest route to immerse myself in water.

Guess what?

Nobody looked at me. Can you guess why?

They were swimming, of course!

Nobody cared because they were doing their own thing. It’s really  natural to worry about how you’ll look in a cozzie (or perhaps a Speedo, depending upon who you are), especially if you’re overweight like me, but it’s so empowering to realise no one is looking at you and if they see you, they don’t care what you look like anyway, they’re just getting on with their own lives.

As I looked around, trying to make sure no one was looking at me, I realised I was the only person looking at anyone, so I hastily stopped (no one wants to be that creepy weirdo in a swimming pool!).

I’ve got a fitness plan for the next few weeks and after my first positive experience with exercise,  I expect it will easier than I thought to stick to. I intend to try and lose 50lb between now and the end of August. As it stands, my fitness plan for the next couple of weeks is 30 minutes of moderate to intense exercise 2-3 times a week. Swimming will be part of that routine once a week and gym visits will accompany that.

I visited the gym early on a Saturday morning. I was worried that with such a poor fitness level, my gym visit would be embarrassing, so I wanted to go at a time barely anyone would be there, which is why I chose an early Saturday visit (in the hope the rest of the world was hungover in bed).

There was a scattering of serious gym-goers, spread across various machines so yet again, my entrance went unnoticed. I mainly worked on cardio to get my fitness levels up but I intend to involve some weight training in my routine when I understand them a bit more.

I don’t really know where to start with weights and I’m a bit too unfit to dare ask the helpers yet. In previous years when I was a member of that gym and weights weren’t cool for girls, a female body builder used to sidle up to me on the treadmill and  whisper, “Psst! Have you tried weights? Come with me, I’ll show you!” but because I didn’t know much about them and because she was a body builder I just assumed I’d end up with massive guns and not the svelte physique I craved. Oh! What a fool I was!

When I have a more a established routine and progress to report, I’ll share what I regularly do in the hope to help out some other folk hoping to exercise but feeling a bit too big and a bit too unfit.

Any tips or experiences to share then please let me know in the comments below, especially if you want an exercise buddy. I do have a Fitbit but I think my toddler has hidden it from me, if anyone wants a Fitbit friend I’m up for that (when I locate mine)!

(I’m really sorry if you thought there’d be a chubby photo of myself in a swimming costume, no way am I going to let that photo exist!)

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11 thoughts on “Fat Girl, Swim

  1. Well done for swimming. I’m overweight too ,and would love to lose 50lbs. I love food too much, and I’m hopeless at exercise! Keep up the good work!

    1. I’ve struggled lately to stick to any plan so I figure if I exercise too it’ll make me more likely to stick to it and will help shed the pounds. That’s the plan anyway! Now I’ve declared it to the world, I kind of have to do it!

  2. Swimming is such a good way to lose weight, and it’s low intensity so doesn’t affect the knees! I love walking to keep fit, and just eating clean to keep lean…make sure you enjoy it and not just torturing yourself x

  3. Good on you! after I went on holiday last month I decided enough was enough and I needed to lose some weight too, 3 weeks in and I’m 8lbs down which I definitely put down to the gym, and also joining a cult (slimming world). I do mainly weight training with only cardio for a warm up so if you want any tips for a routine I’d be willing to try and help, although I am a beginner too! Xx

    1. Yes please! Where did you find out your info about weights (like what to do and where to start)? I know nothing at all and I can’t even find the body builder who wanted to recruit me at all!

  4. I completely understand those fears about swimming or joining a gym – when I used to go to a gym I always used to think people were looking at me thinking how rubbish I was on the exercise machines or that my tummy was huge (they obviously weren’t!) I think you capture that sentiment beautifully, Good luck with your programme – I am sure you’re going to do brilliantly 🙂 #abrandnewday

  5. I’ve learnt not let it bother me anymore, I think it’s the Mum complex. Too busy and tired to worry what anyone else thinks of me! I can’t swim for toffee, I start swimming with the little man next week. I know it’s not proper swimming as he’s only 10 months, but I still have to get the swimming costume on and go! Well done for setting a plan in place it’s not easy when you have a busy life to get over the fact that you need to fit exercise in too! THanks for sharing with #Abrandnewday

  6. I love that you did this; you are right, really no one else is interested. Great insight. I think I’ll be kinder to myself. Thank you for that 😊

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