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The family home: Which underlay is right for my new laminate floor?

So, you’ve chosen a new floor; you’ve ripped up the carpet and you’ve gone for good old laminate. It’s stylish, practical and never really goes out of style. But have you considered the importance of the underlay? Laminate flooring is a hardwearing, cost-effective and easy to clean floor surfacing option, and is perfect for kitchens, hallways and bathrooms in your home, or for any flooring in a business or retail setting.

When you’re laying your laminate, it’s crucial that you choose laminate underlay systems in order to get the very best result.  But which one is right for you? Choosing the best underlay for laminate flooring isn’t a matter of finding the one ultimate underlay – it’s more a question of finding the underlay that suits you and makes sure you get the results you want. Here we’ll take a look at some of your options.


If you suffer from noisy neighbours, have a room in your home where the utilities generate a lot of noise, or have a brace of little monsters running around, causing chaos, you might want to look into acoustic underlay to help dampen the noise and create some soundproofing – and some peace and quiet!

Soundproof underlay for laminate flooring can simultaneously prevent as much sound from getting through and thermally insulate your floor, making your home cosier and more energy-efficient!

Thermal underlay

Thermal underlay is optimised for maximum thermal insulation. Thermal underlay for laminate flooring helps to capture every bit of heat in your home and prevent it from escaping, leading to a far more energy-efficient, eco-friendly and inexpensive home.

You’ll be able to keep the heating on for less time and the new insulation will help ensure your home stays warm for longer, saving you money and hassle in the colder months. So that’s one less bill to worry about when winter comes around again!

Foam underlay

PU foam – is an extremely popular laminate flooring underlay choice. Soft and springy, PU foam reduces the impact stresses of your feet on the floor, creating a more comfortable experience and insulating against noise. So, the sound of the children running around or the click-clack of the pets walking across the room won’t drive you to distraction just yet!

With a high average TOG rating as well, foam underlay for laminate flooring also provides you with a way to retain heat and make your home warmer, cosier and more energy efficient!


Who knew there was so much to installing laminate flooring? Remember, underlay is an important addition to any new flooring installation and so it should never be bypassed! Always remember that underlay acts as an insulator and will add a world of difference in the cushioning effect of your footfall and not forgetting the comfort that it brings too. You can considerably extend the life of any new flooring installation with the right underlay choice. If you’re unsure of which underlay is right for you then speak to a flooring professional.


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