How You and Your Family can Help the Homeless this Winter

As autumn and winter roll around, it’s important to refrain from getting caught up in the excitement of the forthcoming festivities and forgetting about those in need as a result.

For those of us who are fortunate enough to have a roof over our heads, this time of year usually brings happiness and joy. However, the harsh winter weather and lack of shelter can leave the homeless population vulnerable to illness and injury; that’s why it’s vital to do what you can to provide health and safety to those who need it the most.

It’s crucial to teach children the importance of charity and giving to those in need, and what better way to do it than getting the whole family involved in charitable activities.

I’ve partnered with the Manchester-based homeless charity, Mustard Tree, to bring you a few ways that you can help the homeless this year, as a family!


Walk the Kids to School

If you’re fortunate enough to live close to your kids school, why not grab your cosy coats and walk to school this winter!

The crisp, morning air can leave you feeling refreshed and ready to face the day; and the money you save on fuel can be donated to a good cause.

Loose Change Jar

How many times have you done a big clean-up and found countless loose pennies and pounds lying around the house? I certainly have!

If this sounds like you too, it’s well worth creating a loose change jar for all your loose change. A few pennies here and there may not sound like a lot, but added up it can amount to quite a lot.

Get the kids involved by making a game out of it. See who can find the most loose change and give a small prize for the winner!

Just £10 pays for a starving person to be fed for 5 days! So have a look around your house and see how much you can find.


Donate Your Old Winter Clothes

Children grow remarkably fast, so the chances are that their winter clothes from last year will no longer fit them properly. Instead of throwing them away, it’s best to donate them to other children in need.

In 2014-15, there were over 3.9 million children living in poverty in the UK alone. Donating your unwanted kids clothes could help to bring more warmth and happiness to children in need this winter.


Donate Essential Items

The homeless and those in poverty, normally don’t have access to basic necessities such as food, personal hygiene products and clothing.

If you’ve got any of these items lying around the house or even have some spare time to purchase food tins to donate, find your local food donation point and make a difference this winter.

Educating yourself and your children on the importance of charity can help your family to become more appreciative of the things that most of us take for granted. If you’d like to get involved too, click here to donate to Mustard Tree and help the homeless this winter!


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