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Exante Flexi Solution Plan – I’m a Huge Fan!

Last summer, I was preparing to attend a friend’s wedding and was desperate to fit into a particular dress. My friend recommended Exante for its easy-to-follow diet plans. I went for the Total Solution Plan and lost 17lb in just over three weeks, which was absolutely fantastic.

Now that January is here, I know I need a diet overhaul. I’ve got some Christmas pounds lingering and I’ve been putting it off. I visited the Exante site again and spotted they now offer a Flexi Solution.

It’s similar to traditional calorie counting, but without any of the fuss. The basic idea behind it is that you consume 1200 calories a day and combine fresh and healthy meals with Exante meals too. This is slightly different to the plan I did in the summer. I wanted super fast results for the wedding, so back then I chose a plan that advertised short-term rapid weight loss.

The Flexi Solution is more of a lifestyle-change. It has been designed to form part of a healthy diet and encourages fresh food, exercise and good hydration. The part that appeals to me is the convenience. The convenience is where I fail on other diets. If it’s not easy, I can’t always stick to it.

When the kind people at Exante found out I was a big fan of their products they sent me a box of treats to help me get started on the Flexi Solution Plan.

So generous!

Here’s a closer look:





The look great, don’t they?

I’ve also bought some meals, shakes and snacks so I can carry on with it once my box of treats is consumed. I’m feeling really positive that I’ll be able to stick to this plan

What I’ll be doing is eating two Exante meals in the day time, then preparing a fresh, low calorie meal in the evening when I’ve got more time to prepare it. This plan also allows for a snack, which I’ll probably need around the school run time when I’m beginning to flag.

I’ll be documenting my weight loss on this blog so check in next week to see how I’ve done (I’m starting the plan in the morning because I’ve eaten a lot of breaded prawns today). I’ll also be posting photos of the meals on social media so you can see what to expect.

Here’s what you need to know if you’re considering doing it too:

  • You choose your goal and whether you want to lose or manage your weight.
  • Find a combination that works for you and your lifestyle.
  • Perfect for steady, sustainable weight loss.
  • No banned foods, you manage what you eat.

Fab, right?

If you’re joining me (or if you want more of a feel for it before you take the plunge) there’s a whole community surround the Exante way. There’s a free eBook you can download to see what the plan’s about before you commit (just click the link and scroll down to the bottom of the page). There’s also a really great blog that covers exercise, recipes, lifestyle – the lot!

Then there’s my favourite part, I’ve saved the best ’til last. If you’re really proud of your weight loss, you can submit your progress to the ‘Slimmer of the month’ competition for the chance to win vouchers or a holiday!

New customers can grab 30% off by clicking the link and using the code ‘HIPSTER30’

Offer ends 25/06/2017 at 23:59

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