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Every Penny Counts: Freeing Up Small Business Funds

Running a small business can be a constant struggle when it comes to freeing up cash. As well as generating more sales and business connections, you should also be looking at more ways that you can save yourself money from within the business itself. After all, this money can then be invested in other areas which can help you to grow and prosper. Within this article, we are going to be taking a closer look at a few ways in which you can save yourself some valuable cash and run the most financially efficient small business possible. So, let’s get started and hopefully you will come away with a few valuable ideas.


Negotiate With Suppliers

Every business has other organisations which they work closely alongside in order to run their company. Negotiation is an important part of running any company, so you should always be trying to get the best deal possible from your suppliers. If they are unwilling to budge on their costings, it is always worth speaking to other people as they may be willing to give you a better deal. Sometimes, all it takes is a single phone call to save your business hundreds.


Speak to the Professionals

Financial professionals are there to get you the best deal with regards to the amount of money that you can free up in various areas of your business. So, speaking to the right accountant or IRS & tax disputes lawyer can really give you a helping hand. After all, it is in their interest to see your business save money and prosper. Talking to the experts can give you all sorts of insights that you would have never gotten by trying to do everything yourself.


Look at Your Gas and Electricity Costs

One of the big expenditures for any business is the gas and electricity. Even if you are based in a home office, you could still save yourself a significant amount of money simply by reviewing your bills and using a price comparison service. It is still a common trap that business owners fall into to auto renew your energy suppliers. More often than not, they will try to slip some unexpected charges under the radar so you should always have another quote to hand and be ready to switch if they are not prepared to match it. Other ways that you can save on these costs include switching to energy efficient light bulbs and appliances, encouraging staff to work from home and making it company policy to power everything down at night.


Phone and Broadband

Every Penny Counts: Freeing Up Small Business Funds

Obviously, it is essential for any modern business to have a range of communication tools, and these are intrinsically linked to your phone and broadband. Probably your best bet is to get a package deal, but you need to ensure that you set realistic limits so you don’t find yourself overspending every month. If you work from home, you may need to upgrade so you get the best level of connection. Again, comparing prices is a good idea and your best way to save some cash in this area. Work out what else you need including landline, business mobiles and handsets. If you can find one provider for everything, this tends to make your life easier and cheaper.


Insurance Bills

Although you should make sure that you are totally covered in all eventualities, you still want to be searching around for the best possible deal when it comes to insurance. Never simply accept the first quote you are offered or automatically renew your coverage. No two businesses are the same, so you want to get a bespoke package that is tailored specifically to your needs. It is a tightrope walk between price and cover, but it is important that you have peace of mind that you are covered in case anything goes wrong in your business.


Cutting costs and running the most efficient company possible is something that you should always look to be doing in business. These points give you a good starting point from which to launch a cost-effective company. Although some of them may seem like common sense to you, a surprising number of businesses don’t get the basics right. Reducing your expenditures doesn’t simply mean that you are reducing the overall quality of the service you are providing. You are simply getting the best deal possible which is what running a successful business is all about in the end.

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