#EcoverLaundry Challenge – Even Glamamamas do Laundry!

*This post is an entry for BritMums #EcoverLaundry Challenge, sponsored by Ecover.

However hard I try, I can never seem to conquer my over-stuffed laundry baskets. Anything made from a delicate fabric gets put off for as long as possible, while I try and through the never-ending stream of stained clothes my kids provide.

I know a lot of people hate doing laundry, but I must admit, I secretly love it. You can’t beat the fresh smell of clean laundry. You also can’t deny the overwhelming sense of achievement you get from completing three loads in a day (I imagine winning a Nobel Prize will only vaguely compare to the feeling).

We have a variety of wash loads in our family, which I think is what makes the ‘dirty’ pile shrink so slowly. We have the whites wash (which includes my fiancé’s work shirts and Emma’s blouses), Greg’s lunch and dinner encrusted clothes, plus my wide variety of clothing fabrics (lace, velvet, some weird delicate fabric most of my dresses are made of).

#EcoverLaundry Challenge

With the diversity that resides in my wash basket, it can be really hard to find detergent that is suitable for my smalls, and the small one’s bigs.

When Ecover very kindly sent me some of their liquid detergent to try, I was hopeful that my laundry woes would finally be solved.

#EcoverLaundry Challenge

The Ecover detergent is non-bio, which is what I look for. I’m eczema-prone and Greg has generally sensitive skin. This means I want something that’s not too harsh, but strong enough to lift stains, and still keep the whites looking white. I also like it to smell good, so many non-bios out there either smell of nothing or don’t keep their scent post wash.

I used Ecover for the first time on the kids’ clothes. It was a mixed fabric wash at 30°; my brother used to be a domestic appliance engineer and told me if a detergent is good, the load will get cleaned well at lower temperatures. Emma’s clothes are usually relatively clean, but Greg’s tend to have all sorts smeared on them.

#EcoverLaundry Challenge
Greg was umm… helpful as ever?

Everything emerged from the wash completely clean and smelling lovely. The clothes retained their sweet lavender scent well after they had dried. Ecover passed my first test!

The second challenge was my delicates. I tend to find my tights never fare well in the washing machine and hand washing feels like such a bind. I used to work with a woman who just threw tights away after wearing them once, like she was the queen or something! I totally get why; I mean, binning tights is a huge waste of money, but washing them is such a pain!

I used my gloriously illustrated laundry bag in a bid to stop my tights getting tangled round everything else in the drum. I’m not sure if this is what the bag was intended for but it worked and now they’ll live to hide my legs another day!

Since then we’ve washed white shirts, Greg’s soft toys that live in his bed, towels, bedding and everything else a normal wash would expect to see. I’ve been pleased with the results every time!

The last time I washed with the detergent was this weekend (and I still have plenty left). This was quite the test because I’d just returned from London and I had to wash my two new favourite dresses. They are made of a sort of thick, satin type of material that’s really good quality but far too easy to ruin. I did not want anything bad to happen to these dresses.

Here’s one of thes dresses in question.

I used Ecover and set the washing machine to the ‘delicate’ setting. I was perhaps too cautious and washed them in two separate loads. Yet again, I was pleased with the results. I dried the dresses on my radiators, which made the house smell great!

All in all, I was happy with Ecover. I would buy it in the future and I’d definitely recommend it to my friends. In case you need any extra convincing, it has Greg’s seal of approval too!

#EcoverLaundry Challenge

8 thoughts on “#EcoverLaundry Challenge – Even Glamamamas do Laundry!

  1. I love using Ecover products and their delicate laundry liquid is great for wollens. I also love their washing up liquids and spray household cleaners aswell.

  2. Ecover is a brand we’ve never used before, when it comes to washing clothes, I’ve tended to stick with what i know, but I think perhaps a change would be good xx

  3. I’ve just read this review and buying Ecover to try when my usual detergent runs out. So many points in its favour…smell , performance and gentle on the skin.

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