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Doodle Collection Notebook Review – Perfect for Stationery Lovers!

*I was sent some complimentary notebooks from Doodle Collection for the purpose of this review.

Who else finds writing cathartic? Even if I’m just writing a list to organise my thoughts, I feel better for doing so. I’m a bit of a notebook hoarder, actually.

I find myself buying notebooks for no other reason than them looking nice. I often have no purpose in mind when acquiring more stationery.

These notebooks are different. These notebooks are special. I have grand plans for these badboys.

Doodle Collection Notebook Review

These notebooks remind me to be happy, something none of my other writing equipment does. I think they’ll give me a chance to practice mindfulness (I’ve been reading a lot about it).

Be Happy, Be Bright Be You

Doodle Collection Notebook Review

The lovely motto on the tactile cover of this one makes me gravitate to towards it. What a lovely quote to live by! These calming blue pages are not lined, meaning I can doodle to my heart’s content.

I find drawing very relaxing, I’m just not so good at it. Doodling doesn’t have to be good. This is just for me and nobody has to see it. I recently read that doodling can actually help your concentration! If you doodle while you’re trying to learn something, it somehow keeps your brain switched on and stops you daydreaming. Fancy that!

Doodle Collection Notebook Review

Think Happy, Be Happy

Doodle Collection Notebook Review

Another beautiful looking piece of stationery. This book is going to be a mindful happiness journal of sorts. I’m going to make my lists in here and hopefully it’ll help to empty and organise my over-stuffed mind.

I think I’m going to do some mindfulness exercises in here, but I’m unsure because I need to do a bit more Googling on that front.

The cover has soft, raised wiggly stripes and made out of high quality PU to give a gorgeous soft leathery feel.

Doodle Collection Notebook Review

The little note on the slip inside the notebooks reads, “Your taste for the good things in life is something we preserve, when our designers draw inspiration from over the globe to bring to you creations that are one of a kind and personalised to suit your true self.”

“Made of high quality raw materials and cutting edge technology, we never fail to stun with every new addition!”

I think they’re right, all of their creations are stunning!

Do you like to write? Are you a stationery hoarder? Tell me about it in the comments!

3 thoughts on “Doodle Collection Notebook Review – Perfect for Stationery Lovers!

  1. These notebooks look great. I’m obsessed with notebooks. I love quirky stationary. I’m also obsessed with fluffy novelty pens.
    I prefer to write my blogs in a notebook before typing them up. I enjoy the process of writing much more this way.

    1. That’s such a good idea! I jot down ideas but I think I might start writing more of the post in a notebook first! I had one of those fluffy letter name pens from Paperchase which was my absolute fave until it ran out! x

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