December Glossybox 2016 Unboxing

This is a little bit late because I’ve been really busy, but better late than never, eh?

I know most of the joy of these Glossybox posts is to have a nosey at what everyone else got, so hopefully, I’m not so late with this that no one cares!

It was a beautifully Christmas-themed box. I love it when they deviate from the original pink and black.

Quite the booty, I think you’ll agree!

Revlon Nail Enamel in Grey Suede

I love this! It glides on, dries hard and quickly and didn’t flake off in the week that I wore it for. Can’t recommend it enough. I never really bothered at Revlon products for nails, I always favoured bold and vibrant shades of the Barry M palette, but Revlon has impressed me. The shades are a bit more grown up, but there are bright colours on offer for the statement lovers among you.

Essence Light Up Your Face Luminizer Palette

I’m always a little dubious when I get Essence products in my Glossybox, it’s a budget brand and I know how much the products are to buy (next to nothing if you go to Wilko). This palette feels good quality for the price. It’s not too hard to blend in either – I hate make-up that just sits atop your skin like someone wiped something weird on your face. A surprisingly good product, I feel like this is the year I give some budget make-up a real chance!


Lipcote brings back memories of my sister clubbing in the 90’s. When we both lived in the family home (aka Chamberlain Headquaters) I used to make her show me what she’d bought and talk to me about make up. She championed matte red lipstick and sealed it with the magic that is Lipcote. I think I would have been about 11, and I thought she was so grown up and cool. It’s clearly been my lifelong ambition to own Lipcote. Thanks Glossybox.

Collection Define & Perfect Eyebrow Powder

I must have bought a brow product every month in 2016. I don;t know what is wrong with me, I can’t be happy with my eyebrows. I like this powder, but I don’t like it any more or less than all of the brow products I own. It’s strange but I like every single one equally. They’re not fantastic, they all do their job fine but they just leave me a bit luke warm. This is easy to apply and helps your draw a good shape for your brows but it’s not perfect, I still have to use other brow products alongside it. Can anyone help me in my quest for perfect brows?

MDM Flow in Bossy

I think this is my favourite thing this month. The packaging is glorious, the colour is demure but sultry, it goes on nicely, it stays on well and I think it really suits me. I can’t praise it enough, if you have the chance, buy it.

If you want to get in on the action too, you can subscribe to Glossybox here. There’s a rumour January’s box will contain a Nib+Fab product. OOOooooohhh!

As a subscription box lover, I thought it was time to branch out, so I will soon have two more subscription boxes to review for you. Keep those eye peeled, ladies!

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