The days when I just want to scream ‘What about me?!!’

I’m lucky enough to be sharing another guest post from one of my blogging friends today (yay)!  Emma Reed from emmareed.net, shares with us how selfless parenting often has to be. We put ourselves last as a matter of course, but it’s okay to feel frustrated by this at times.

Today has been one of those days. It began as it normally does, with one tiny body creeping in around 5 am ish and snuggling into me… this is okay by me as it usually means I get a little longer to sleep. However, as soon as he opens his eyes and decides it is time to get up, it is well and truly time to get up! I am shown this by having my face slapped, my eye lids pulled open and ‘get up, get up’ being repeatedly screamed into my earhole!

Once I began to drag my tired sorry arse out of bed the first demand was voiced… ‘I’m a bit hungry’. Yes, my darling I know but right now I am having trouble clearing my vision after being woken up twice in the night! (inside thoughts!) We make it downstairs and immediately I am bombarded with demands- did I mention that he’s only 3?! I’m hungry, I want juice, I want croissant, eurgh Mummy look at the telly, people are talking, I don’t want that, Minion’s Mummy, Minions. I stood in the kitchen trying my best to breathe slowly. There are just some days (rare days) when I just want to be able to think about ME. I felt like shouting back at him ‘I would like a nice hot cup of tea, I would like breakfast too, I would like to sit and watch real people talking and not little yellow things who don’t even speak English!! In the three years that I have been a Mother I have put a lot of things to one side, as I am sure many of you have. We sacrifice out waistlines, our boobs get sucked out of shape, some of us have stretch marks, we eat crap to keep our energy levels up, we really do not notice when our eyebrows begin to have a life of their own and how many cups of tea end up going cold? Too many!

At three I would expect to be enjoying a full night’s sleep, but no, somebody somewhere is quite clearly punishing me for something I must have done in a previous life… did you know that sleep deprivation is a form of torture? There is a clear reason for this. With very little sleep because apparently spending 12 waking hours with me is not quite enough he now also feels the need to want to sleep next to me, on some days I wake up feeling like The Grouch (yes, green moody muppet sat in a bin!) I feel like I just want to pull the duvet over my head and sleep a little longer, I feel like I just want to go to a spa and be pampered for a day, I feel like I want to drink a very hot cup of tea and watch all my favourite shows and not have to turn CBeebies on for a whole 24 hours!

In the time that I had stood day dreaming about all of these wonderful things I could do for me, he was back at my legs demanding a croissant, but not hot this time. Then we had the discussion about how we didn’t really need to watch Minions for the 50th time this week. He won. He then made a demand for juice which was followed by the argument over why he wasn’t having juice first thing. I won this one. He then wanted the cover over him because he refuses to put his pants and Pyjama bottoms on after going for his morning wee and he was cold. It was within his reach but you know, it’s just one of those days. As I finally sat down and took a sip of my tea he handed me his plate and muttered the words ‘another croissant Mummy’… Has anyone ever cried over croissants? I almost did.

Once he was warm, eating another croissant and chuckling away to Minions I could happily drink my warm tea, look at Facebook and daydream about my spa day and…

‘Mummy, build a train track!’


Emma Reed





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