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As I was scrolling through Instagram whilst my baby boy wouldn’t sleep, I was experiencing increasingly intense hair envy. I know no one is likely to be posting their bad hair days on there, but still, I felt fed up.

I have BIG hair. I recently wrote a post on how to tame it, because I’m fine doing that, but I was struggling to keep it looking good for anything more than a few hours. If there was even a hint of moisture in the air, it would double in size.

Not only is it big, it’s that weird in between texture of curly and straight. It’s not curly enough to be left in its natural state, but too wavy to stay straight for long after I’ve used straighteners.

I’ve tried all manner of oils, creams and serums in order to try and weigh it down and smooth it into submission, alas, to no avail. So when I saw The Curl Company had launched a range to calm your curls, I was excited to try it.

These are the products I was kindly gifted by them to try:

Optimized-IMG_20160218_113953286 (2)That’s a mousse, a styling spray, styling crème-gel and a curl cream. Each one has a different purpose, so it’s taken me about a month to find a use for all of them because I only make an effort with my hair 30% of the time.

When I wash my hair, it’s a brush-breaking tangle, even minutes after I’ve combed it, so most of the time I leave it to dry naturally, unless I’m in a rush.

curl company
In its ‘just-washed’ state

Before yesterday, I hadn’t used mousse in about a decade. My memories of it were heavily scented and sticky, leaving my hair dull and harder to tame. I was pleasantly surprised by this mousse though, it smelled nice, wasn’t sticky and made my hair feel lovely. I teamed it with the crème-gel by applying both to wet hair and leaving to dry naturally, these are my results:

curl company
Left is my old routine, Right is after using the Curl Company products

As you can see from the photo above, there’s a great difference to the texture of my hair after using the combination of the mousse and crème-gel. I would be happy to leave the house without any additional styling with the hair on the right (I would probably pop on a floral crown, but that’s just me).

What I have been doing most of the time is using the curl cream. I just smooth it through wet hair, allow to dry naturally, then style. It keeps the curls in shape all day and keeps them looking smooth. Another benefit is that my hair seems almost unaffected by moisture, unless rained on directly.

curl company
After using the curl cream before styling

I often take the ‘curl reviving’ styling spray in my bag to uni and give it a spritz  halfway through the day in order to boost my bounce. The other day, I was running late on the school run and didn’t have any time to spend on my hair. I had styled it the previous day and the curls had held well (credit owed to the styling cream) but it was messy from tossing and turning in the night. I brushed it, sprayed the curl reviving spray and hurried out the door. The result was pretty impressive, after a couple of minutes, the original curls had regrouped (a little looser than before) but my hair looked as though I had actually put in the effort!

curl company

The Curl Company seems to have created a range that is an all-round saviour of my messy mop. It has definitely difference to my hair-styling, so if you share some of my hair woes, it’s likely to help solve yours too!

Excellent, affordable product.

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    1. Aww, thanks Jane! I love the way they look when I’m done styling, but they’re a bit of a handful. My hair is a bit like having a pet; boisterous and needs a lot of grooming!

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