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Cool Summer Nights

For all the wonders that summer has to offer, there’s no doubt that it brings one big problem with it: insistent heat.

What’s the difference between good heat – the kind that makes you bask in it, sitting out into the late hours of the evening as you feel the warmth on your face – and insistent heat? Insistent heat just doesn’t know when to quit. It’s the heat you feel primarily at night, when you want to sleep, but the heat is refusing to let you free of its grip.

Few of us – including those of us better used to warmer climes – tend to sleep well when the heights of summer roll around. Our body temperature actually lowers right before we fall asleep; a biological reason that we tend to struggle to get shut-eye when we’re overheated. Yet still the heat – the insistent heat that plagues our home – will come. That heat doesn’t care that you have to be up early or you have a big day ahead. It’s just going to make life difficult.

So, why not determine that the summer of 2017 is not going to be like the ones that went before? No longer will you lie awake at night, cursing the existence of the sun you so enjoyed during the day, wishing it were winter again already. With a few bedroom changes, you can steal back the summer nights and ensure you’re well rested for the much-anticipated summer days.

Look Up For Relief

If you’re in a position to do so, installing a ceiling fan will make a big difference to the comfort you feel when in bed. Rooms have a tendency to feel hotter at night than they do during the day, due to the higher humidity at night. This means sweat doesn’t evaporate, making you feel hot and sticky.

A ceiling fan solves this problem by keeping the air in the room moving. It does the same thing a small desk fan can do, but throughout the entire room. Definitely worth considering.

Get Your Sheets Right

There’s no doubt that what you choose for your bed linens and pillows makes a big difference to how cool you will feel. Look for linens with a high cotton content, as these fabrics are more breathable and will thus make you feel cooler. It’s not a stretch to say that the higher the cotton content, the more comfortable you will feel.

We all love the cool side of the pillow, but there are now pillows that let both sides feel cool at the same time. If you’re really struggling, try using gel pads that you keep in the fridge during the day – you’ll be surprised how much of a difference they make.

Keep The Wrong Air Out

You might be tempted to sleep with a window open, but this could actually just make things worse. As mentioned, the humidity at night is one of the major reasons you feel so uncomfortable when trying to sleep. Close the windows to ensure as much of the dew-heavy air stays outside, rather than inside and bothering you. Sleep well!


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