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Comfort at Work: What Makes Your Office Chair so Special?

Working from home allows more freedom than you’d get if you worked anywhere else. It means you can go to work in your pyjamas, take the day off if you feel like it and take as many tea breaks as you like.

You’re the boss, after all!

Unfortunately you’re also the HR manager, the accountant and the health and safety officer, let’s face it – when you work from home, you have a lot on your plate and certain things can be overlooked.

If you had a job which you had to leave your house to attend, someone would be looking out for your well-being, checking your computer screen for glare and if your chair meets your needs. At home these things can fall by the wayside.

I’m about to move house and when I do, I’ll have proper office set up. Currently I work wherever I can park myself and it’s giving me all sorts of aches an pains, (even at my age!).

It probably sounds pretty extravagant, but I assure you, it’ll be done on a budget. I have an old computer desk which I am planning on painting, and it’s really easy to find good quality cheap office chairs.

The government health and safety guideline for chairs suggests that they should be adjustable, with a seat that is able to support your legs. The backrest should support your lower and middle back and arm rests aren’t necessary but can provide extra support.

This advice is just a summary, there’s actually a 22 page government advisory document on seating at work (?!) but I’ll leave that for the hardcore office chair fans to seek out.

The most important things to consider when purchasing a chair for work is whether or not it is comfortable and if it promotes a good posture.

It turns out, it’s not just me who puts a lot of thought into office chairs, this very interesting infographic shares the views of 750 office workers to see what they think makes office chairs so important:

Comfort at Work: What Makes Your Office Chair so Special?

So tell me, what makes your office chair so special? Answers in comments!



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