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Christmas Stocking Making with Turtle Mat

The lovely people over at Turtle Mat asked me to join in with their yearly festive challenge. This year the challenge was to create a Christmas stocking from scratch with the items they supply. They sent me a lovely selection of craft supplies including burlap for the main stocking, little robins, lace ribbon, felt, glitter glue and pine cones.

To prep, I ended up getting sucked into a Pinterest vortex and lost hours of my time looking at stocking inspiration. Once I’d managed to step away from my phone, I was able to quickly decide on a more rustic look.

This was my first attempt:

I wasn’t entirely happy with it (keep reading for the end result) but this photo does show off the shape quite well.

To make the main body of the Christmas stocking, I drew a stocking shape on some A3 paper, cut it out and pinned it to the burlap. I layered the burlap so it was 4 sheets thick and cut round the template. Then I removed the paper, pinned it more  carefully, sewed it by hand and turned it the right way round.

From there I folded the top down, pinned it and sewed it before adding the lace ribbon. The robin just slots in anywhere, it has fine wires attached to its feet.

I was quite impressed with my minimalistic design, but because I can never leave things alone, I couldn’t just stop there.

I also added the felt leaves, decorated with a line of green glitter glue, pine cones decorated with silver glitter and the second robin.

This felt a little more complete and now it’s ready to be displayed on my fireplace.

I’m really pleased to have taken part in this challenge because I would never have thought of making my own stocking and it wasn’t difficult at all. In fact, I’m considering doing it every year – it was so much fun!

Have you made a Christmas stocking before? Would you attempt it this year?

I’m feeling like one of those super duper Pinterest mums right about now!

4 thoughts on “Christmas Stocking Making with Turtle Mat

  1. I love the rustic look and have gone for it in a big way with my tree this year. Great make! Thank you for linking up to #EatSleepBlogRT 🌟

  2. You are one of those pinterest mums now but with even more flair!:) Its fab rustic and classy…go girl:)
    Thank you for linking up to the christmas special linky, its great to have you onboard:)

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