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Choosing Disabled Shower Enclosures

Ever since I helped Auntie Iris choose her new bathroom with its disabled shower enclosure, I’ve been the go-to woman for helping my friends choose a stylish mobility bathroom (and by that I mean ONE friend asked me).

My friend takes medication for a health condition and suffers the side effect of severe joint pain. Some days, it’s so bad that she needs to use a wheelchair, and struggles to support her own weight.

She’d always lived with her parents but had just bought a house with her boyfriend. The house needed a little work anyway, but her main concern was getting a bathroom to meet her needs (she didn’t want to be asking her boyfriend for help on her bad days).

That’s where I came in. I’d done a load of research for my mum’s aunt and was able to point her in the right direction where disabled shower enclosures were concerned. She wanted something that looked modern – this was her first house and she wanted it to be perfect. I spent a bit of time pointing her in the right direction and helped her to narrow down the choices before her boyfriend was summoned to give his opinion.

They realised the best thing to do was get a free consultation to see what their space would allow. They didn’t want to get their hearts set on something, only to find it wouldn’t fit their new abode. When the mobility bathing specialist popped round, they talked about her needs and helped make a final decision. She was pleasantly surprised that a fixed price was given on the day, this meant she knew exactly how much she’d have left to get the bedroom ready for the move.

The shower my friend and her man chose has a foldable seat for her bad days, and an incredibly low step for her to navigate, but it doesn’t look like a mobility bathroom. It looks really stylish. The shower tray is non-slip, but I’m pretty sure that makes sense in any bathroom!

disabled shower enclosures

After the disabled shower enclosure had been fitted, I was summoned back to admire it. It really was lovely! Then I helped her with the finishing touches.

We got some super fluffy white towels (that she definitely shouldn’t use on hair-dye-days), some gorgeous smelling new toiletries from Lush, and those candles that posh people have but never light. She’s really pleased with her first house now, getting the bathroom done made it perfect from the moment she moved in. I’m a little jealous my first house was nowhere near as nice as hers!

So that’s two people I’ve helped choose mobility bathrooms for, surely I can call myself the go-to person now?


2 thoughts on “Choosing Disabled Shower Enclosures

  1. I love that you write about less talked about topics. This one is great. Also… do I have to not light candles to be posh? I’m always jealous of those people with their perfect bathrooms who apparently don’t have candles in their to cover the scent of spousal poo.

    1. Posh people always have things that are just ‘for show’. Like dusty wine! I always everything I buy, that’s how I know I’m not posh haha x

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