Chin Up Mask Review – Goodbye Double chin!

I’m going all out at the moment to look perfect for my wedding. I’m having facials, trialling hairstyles, upping my game with my skincare routine and trying my hardest to lose some weight.

My double chin has been a stubborn issue since my late 20’s. I hate that it’s there and I hate that it doesn’t seem to go down, even when I lose some weight.

When I was approached to review a Chin Up non-surgical face lift mask, I was ready to try anything. It sounded amazing, but I must admit, I was sightly dubious, I just couldn’t understand how a mask could shed my unpleasant double chin!

I was ready to give it a go, so I said ‘yes please!’ and it arrived promptly.

Chin Up Mask Non-Surgical Face Lift Review

After accepting the generous offer to try it, I started doing my homework. After all, it sounded too good to be true, but I was desperately hoping it would be the solution to my problem.

After a quick Google search, I saw that there were some fantastic reviews out there, so I couldn’t wait to get started. I was sent a Chin Up Mask Trial Pack.

Chin Up Mask Non-Surgical Face Lift Review

The trial pack contains the slimming band, two face masks, some instructions and a tape measure. This is what the slimming band looks like and the single use masks sit inside.

The chin up mask Chin Up Mask Non-Surgical Face Lift Review

Instructions were included but I still wanted to see it in action before I put it on myself, so I watched a video on the ChinUp website.

Chin Up Mask Non-Surgical Face Lift Review pictoral instructions

Before you start, you are meant to measure your chin in two different places. One measurement is ear-to-ear along your jaw line and one measurement is ear-to-ear but below your jaw line. For me that’s the bit where my double chin hangs

You then apply the mask to your chin and neck then wear the slimming band as per the instructions. If you want to make sure it’s on the right way round, I suggest you have a look at the video on the website too.

The results

The measurements I took before any treatments were as follows:

Along the jawline 25cm

Below the jawline 23cm

This is what my double chin looked like:

before Chin Up Mask Non-Surgical Face Lift Review

I applied the mask, donned the slimming band, and looked as stylish as you’d imagine.

Chin Up Mask Non-Surgical Face Lift Review the mask on my face

I left the mask on for the suggetsed 30 minutes, then massaged my under chin area and removed the band and mask. I was very excited to measure and see if there really was a difference.

My measurements after were as follows:

Along the jawline 23cm

Below the jawline 21cm

And this is what it looked like:

After Chin Up Mask Non-Surgical Face Lift Review - double chin much smaller!

I was honestly amazed! I couldn’t believe it made such a difference! You are advised to do this regularly to maintain the results, so I did it again the following week. I forgot to take my before measurements but my after measurements were:

Along the jawline 22cm

Below the jawline 19.5cm

I think by shrinking my double chin, my face look thinner as a whole (and I’m by no means a slim woman).

after 2 treatments Chin Up Mask Non-Surgical Face Lift Review

How does it work though?

From what I can gather, it boosts the lymphatic drainage system (which is something that can make you look bloated if it’s not draining properly). It also uses a formula that helps tighten the skin. The slimming band plays a part in lifting and contouring the skin around your jaw,neck and even cheeks. There is also a moisturising element which helps moisturise and nourish the skin to help fight the signs of ageing.

Those are the basic explanation, but there is more information of the Chin Up Website if you’re into the sciencey bit.

If you’re interested in trying the Chin Up Mask, you can buy it from Amazon.



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58 thoughts on “Chin Up Mask Review – Goodbye Double chin!

    1. It says a few days. I found that the massive difference lasted 3-4 days and by day 7 it was smaller than the original measurement but not as small as the first few days after. When I did it again I did notice the results did build up.

  1. Great review thanks! Never tried anything like that before! Knowing my luck I would have the chin mask on and the door bell would ring lol!

    1. Haha I answered the door to the postman with one of those black masks on once! That’s the only trouble with things like this!

  2. WOW this looks and sounds pretty impressive!!! I am currently on a health programme, trying to lose weight and I would definitely turn to this chin mask for a little help along the way!

  3. Know I would use it enthusiastically, but it would end up in the bottom of the drawer eventually, I have no staying power

  4. I am surprised that the product made such a difference. Well worth trying for a special event and there is probably nothing more special than a wedding. However, I would not invest in products that do not provide a long lasting result.

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