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Chilled Out Garden Inspiration

This sinfully hot weather has got me seriously rethinking my garden situation. This is the first good-sized garden we’ve had as a family, but we moved in November so didn’t spend a lot of time out there. After spending all weekend outside, I’ve been scouring Pinterest to gain some chilled out garden inspiration.

When you have kids, nothing can be immaculate. Especially when your children are wild balls of energy. That’s why I aim for a stylish level of liveable.

I want my garden to be a space I can relax in, as well as an area I can bring guests to without worrying they’ll judge me. Since I’ve got you here, allow me to share my garden inspiration.


Chilled Out Garden Inspiration

I would absolutely adore some sort of outdoor lounge situation. Comfortable outdoor seating is not only stylish; it screams luxury in my eyes. Soft outdoor sofa sets can be perfect to relax on during the day, when the kids are playing around you, but they can also be perfect for entertaining on warm evenings. There’s nothing I like better than sitting outside on a clear summer’s night. If your outside is as comfy as your lounge, there’s no real reason to go inside!

A blanket

Chilled Out Garden InspirationOn those nights when the temperature drops suddenly, there’s not need to go indoors if you’re comfortable. Whip out your trendy blanket and cuddle up to your other half under the stars. It’s the perfect way to relax and forget the world.

A barbecue

Chilled Out Garden Inspiration

What’s the point of spending time outdoors if you’re not going to eat, right? A barbecue is British tradition and should be immediately commence the minute the sun shines. If I could, I’d have one of those big, posh ones and I’d probably even cook vegetables on it if my mum came over (I do eat my veggies honest, Mum).

Fancy outdoor dining sets

Chilled Out Garden Inspiration

If you’re going to have a barbecue, you need some funky plates and dishes to serve the food on. This doesn’t have to be dinner-party-chic, it can be fun and colourful (after all, what’s more fun than eating outside?).

Something for the kids

Chilled Out Garden Inspiration

If I’m planning on relaxing on an outdoor sofa, then I’m going to need to keep my children busy. In my ideal garden I would have swings, a slide and probably a paddling pool too. The secret to relaxing in the garden is to keep the children occupied!

What do you think to my chilled out garden inspiration? What would your ideal garden contain?

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2 thoughts on “Chilled Out Garden Inspiration

  1. Nice, I love the seating you chose, I would absolutely love something similar for our garden. We moved into a new build a year ago this month so I’m still sort of decorating around and I reckon a nice set like that would look great. Also have been promising the kids a swing forever too!

    1. I really, really want it! I think I’ll have to get earning some pennies. My indoor sofa ws incredibly hot this evening, I’d have loved an outdoor one x

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