Children’s Smartphone Safety – Is My Tween Too Young for a Smartphone?

My daughter is nearly 9 and has been begging me for her own phone. She’s got a tablet, which I’ve set up with a special kids’ ID, but a smartphone feels like a whole different ballgame!

Children’s smartphone safety is a massive consideration. By going from a phone to a tablet, you’re essentially opening up a whole new world. They can make calls and text people – anyone! That’s a pretty scary thought!

Most of the kids in my daughter’s class have smartphones, it’s not unusual for younger children to have one these days. In fact, it seems more unusual for a child of her age not to have a phone. This leaves me wondering, ‘would it be so bad? What’s the real risk’.

I’m sure I could put parental controls on the handset and speak to her about safety. I could check what she’s up to on there too.

If I’m honest, a phone would be quite handy. Emma goes to her dad’s every other weekend and sometimes has extended stays with him and holidays. I’d love to be able to text her she’s away, or even have a chat if she’s missing me.

She’s a sensible girl and a phone would probably prove more useful than not. As long as I make sure she knows what she should and shouldn’t be using it for, we should be okay. I want her to be able to enjoy her phone and have the freedom she would like (within reason).

I can imagine she feels quite left out if she’s one of the few in her class who doesn’t have their own phone. This year might be the year Father Christmas brings her a mobile phone of her very own. I’ll have to reiterate the safety aspects of owning a phone, but I think I can trust her.

Fix Apple Now have created this helpful infographic to help you protect your child online for when they get a smartphone. I think it contains some fab tips.


How to Protect your Children on their Smartphones


Please click here to view a larger version
How to Protect your Children on their Smartphones at


1 thought on “Children’s Smartphone Safety – Is My Tween Too Young for a Smartphone?

  1. Smartphones are a difficult topic. When I finished school 5 years ago it was kind of the beginning of the smartphone era and not many students had them but these were 17 year olds. I’m sure the majority of kids would be responsible but there is a lot of negativity surrounding social media and bullying so I see where you’re coming from. Does your child earn pocket money or do chores? Maybe they could save up and it would feel more rewarding because it’s their money and they’re responsible for purchasing one. Thanks for sharing on an interesting topic.

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