Children’s Playground Safety

The sun is shining, the kids want to be outside and at the front of your mind is children’s playground safety.

The more fun the playground looks, the more there is to consider. For example, those playgrounds with the high slides and the bright monkey bars look like heaven for the big kids, but it’s a long way to fall for the under 5’s! Luckily, there’s plenty of flooring options for playground owners these days. This means that most playgrounds that your children visit are likely to have rubber safety surfaces. These tend to be impact absorbing, so provide a softer landing if your tot takes a tumble. My son’s favourite is the coloured rubber playground surfacing with numbers on it; I guess safety can be fun too!

If you have an adventurous tot, like I do, it’ll be hard to distract them from the higher climbing frames and activities. Instead, to minimise risk, I tend to lift my little boy onto an area halfway down the slide so that he doesn’t try and climb up himself.

It’s always best to supervise children when they’re on the equipment. Try to keep children on the activities which are age appropriate; it’s not just the little ones then get into trouble. I’ve seen big kids get into as much trouble by getting stuck in the baby swings!

I’m an overly cautious parent, so I tend to bring a first aid bag with me. This will always include a small pack of plasters and disinfecting wipes to attend to inevitable grazes.

I also make sure I apply sunscreen to the children before we leave, but I always bring it with me to reapply around midday.

Taking kids out usually involves snacks too, so I often pack baby wipes and antibacterial hand gel. My kids are always picking up some sort of sniffle,  so I’m always on the germ offensive, especially at snack time.

I bet I seem a bit overprotective now that you’ve read all that. I do think children’s playground safety is important though!

Do you have any children’s safety tips to share? I’d love to hear them!


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