Chalkola – The Must-Have Chalk Markers for all Crafty Mummies

I was recently gifted some Chalkola chalk markers to try out and invited to share my thoughts and a 15% discount with my readers. Lucky you! (Keep scrolling for the discount!)

Chalkola - The Must-Have Chalk Pens for all Crafty Mummies
A stationery lover’s dream!

Chalk markers are great for creating brightly coloured temporary artwork around the home (and classroom, so my teacher friend tells me).

They work like a dry erase marker meaning you can write on home noticeboards, chalkboards, windows, glass and non-porous tiles. If the surface is porous, it’ll absorb the ink.

We were lucky enough to receive the chalk markers in time for half term, so me and the 8 year old had a whale of a time decorating out patio doors. The toddler enjoyed the end result of a his decorated surroundings. He’s a bit small to join in with the colouring (and I didn’t fancy encouraging him to doodle on the walls since the windows were okay).

We’d also received a fort making kit, so we were really living it up in the dining room. Some of our artwork was inspired by Hygge (which was the theme of our fort-making).

Chalkola - The Must-Have Chalk Pens for all Crafty Mummies

I had to wait until night time to take my photos because I couldn’t cope with the world seeing my untidy garden!

Chalkola - The Must-Have Chalk Pens for all Crafty Mummies
I went with a cosy theme, as you can probably tell.

Emma went quite freestyle with her theme.

And my mum even had a go!

chalkola chalk markers

I got a real taste for it and started imagining owning a cute little indie business where I’d need to illustrate a chalkboard regularly. Unsure of what that business would be, especially as I’m a dispensing optician by trade.

If you like the sound of this, you’ll love the tutorial I’ll be sharing soon. Save your coffee jars, soak off the labels and buy some tealights, we’ll be making some fancy lanterns. You’ll also need to buy some chalk markers, or you won’t be able to do the decorating part.

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Chalkola chalk markers
Get the jumbo chalk markers here

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