Celeb Tan Rapid Mousse Review

I was sent some Celeb Tan Rapid Mousse for the purpose of this review and I have to say it’s the best natural self tanner I’ve used!

Self tan can conjure up the image of orange, streaky skin, but I assure you this is not the case with Celeb Tan!

best natural self tanner

I’m naturally very pale. When I buy foundation my shade is always ‘ivory’, ‘snow’ or ‘ghost’ or something. I rely on fake tan to give me any sort of colour.

I usually dread fake tan season, I’m pretty terrible at getting an even tone and most products out there smell like curry powder or biscuits. I’ve been on a quest for the perfect self tanner for about 15 years and, by golly, I think this is it!

For context, here are my super pale legs:

The Best Natural Self Tanner

Bathed, shaved and oiled, my legs were ready for application. The directions say to do this the day before application, but I did it the morning before and it went okay. When it comes to application prep, you need to exfoliated, shave and moisturise. It’s non-negotiable.

Celeb Tan is amazing because it has instructions for different depths of tan. When you apply the mousse, it gives an instantly darker finish so you can see the areas you’ve covered. Leaving the tan on for 3 hours will give you a dark finish, 2 will leave a medium tan and 1 will give you a small amount of colour.

I didn’t want my tan to be too unrealistic, so I left mine on for just over an hour before I rinsed it off.

The Best Natural Self Tanner

The first thing I noticed about he tanning mousse was how lovely it smelled. Sort of like coconuts and nothing like the normal self tan smell I’ve come to expect. It glides on easily and feels really hydrating.

I’m happy with the results but I think I may have been overly cautious. Now I know how well it goes on and how evenly it develops, I think next time I’ll leave it on a little longer.

This tan has kept it’s colour for just over a week and I’m incredibly impressed. I’ll be telling all my friends about this because the colour is lovely, application is easy and it smells so great!


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