Irish Weddings

Ever since my friend married her Irish Beau I have been obsessed with how beautiful her Irish wedding was. With my fiancé being a bit Irish (his granddad was Irish, and he’s always been interested in his lineage) we have considered outright copying my friend and getting married over there. The photos alone made it… Read More Irish Weddings

Weddings, Weight Loss

Getting a Bridal Body

I’ve been engaged for  few months now, but haven’t got round to booking my wedding. This is partly because me and the fiancé are pretty terrible procrastinators but partly because of my weight. I know there’s all this body positivity about, with inspiring quotes like “there’s no wrong way to have a body” and for… Read More Getting a Bridal Body


A Big Announcement

On Christmas Eve my lovely boyfriend proposed and I said yes. I’m engaged! Here’s the ring, it’s so beautiful and just what I wanted. I have quite bad eczma so ignore how my hands look, I’ve put a filter on the photo to conceal my scabby skin. So now I have to follow Weight Watchers… Read More A Big Announcement