Buying a New Family Car

Some of you may realise from my social media that my current car situation is dire. I have a car that costs me about £500 to drag through its MOT each year (and usually about another £200 in miscellaneous repairs throughout the year too).

As someone who has a child at school across town, a toddler to entertain, and uni to attend, I really rely on my car.

Since mine seems to be on its last legs, I’m looking out for a new one. I’m probably going to have to borrow the money because I want something a bit better quality this time. I came across a gorgeous Mercedes Benz for sale that had everything I wanted, but I’m just not in a position to buy at the moment. My sister and her husband have always had a Mercedes Benz and they never have any trouble with it.

I’m looking for something with plenty of space. My car is very cramped with two kids in the back and me driving. When we add another adult, my car can barely cope!

I need leg room for myself and for passengers, and I want an isofix car seat for my son. My current car is so old that it’s just got a strap-in car seat and I want some extra safety.

I’d also love some extra boot space. If I bring the buggy out with me, my boot is full and I have nowhere to keep my shopping!

Air conditioning is also a must for my next car. At the minute all I can do is open my windows, but on rainy summer’s days it can be quite a pain.

My needs probably aren’t too difficult to meet. These days cars just seem to be made better. Safety is my top priority (especially because I’m usually transporting children), but comfort is a close second.

I think I’ll probably put some money aside between now and my next MOT and reassess whether I’m in a position to buy at that time.

What do you look for when buying a car? Do you go for style over comfort or is the price the biggest factor for you? I’ve previously gone for price and forfeited comfort. I’d love to know what you look for. Answers in comments please!

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