Where to Buy Plus Size Clothes (That Aren’t Just Floral Sacks)

Good looking plus size clothing can be hard to source. I’ve been guilty of binding myself into something very obviously too small for me in the past, just to avoid the monstrosities in the plus size section of a shop. Luckily for you, I’m an avid window shopper and keep my eye on various fashions.

I may not have bought any new threads lately, but I certainly know where to find them.

It makes a nice change to come across retailers that don’t assume because we’re carrying more weight we’d like to hide our body in swathes of fabric.  It’s all so drab and colourless, isn’t it? Always black (because black’s slimming, right?).

If it’s not black it’s the sickening floral print of cheap 80’s upholstery. I can imagine someone finding the fabric in the factory basement and saying, “No one will look good in this, let’s make fat-girl clothes out of it, they’ll be grateful it’s patterned.”

Fear not, ladies! We no longer have to live like this! Allow me to share my little gems with you.

Ample Bosom

Finally, a big bra that isn’t ugly! Buy it here.

You kind of need to get the underclothing items right before you get your outdoor clothes on. I normally hate bra shopping because big bras are often expensive and unappealing. Ample Bosom sell big bras, as well as general plus sized underwear and swimwear. They have a measuring guide to go with their broad selection at various prices. I’m just impressed you can get a bra that looks like the one above in up to a 42H!

Joanie Clothing

plus size clothes
Get the look

Joanie Clothing is a shop I’ve just discovered. The have the BEST sale section and I got a load of gorgeous vintage-style tops and dresses from there in January when my student loan landed. These guys stock up to a UK 22, but I found the fit to be generous and the fabric to be high quality and stretchy. A great place to buy cute prints and cool colours.

New Look

plus size clothing
Find this dress here

These guys have been my favourite shop for ages, even before I crept up into the plus size range. Their regular range goes up to about a UK 20 and the Inspire range goes higher still. It feels like they take the time to learn what their customers want and are tuned into which bits a larger lady might want to hide. Whenever I buy anything, I always find the cut complements my lumpy frame and doesn’t make me look like a sack of spuds.

Boohoo Curve

plus size clothing

Boohoo Curve is probably one of the most reasonably priced plus size brands out there. The sizes aren’t always consistent but I’m a fan of stretchy wears so I don’t tend to notice too much. The clothing styles are fashionable and there’s lots of choice with regards to prints and shape of the outfit. I dislike that they deem the lady in the photos above a ‘plus size’ model. She’s thinner than I was when I was a thin person!

Simply Be

plus size clothing
Finally, leggings that don’t insist on being black! Get them here.

These guys really get it. They’ve been on the plus size scene a while and I feel like their really know their customers. There’s loads of choice and nothing is off limits. If it’s on trend, they’ll find a way to make it look good for your body shape. I feel like they know me well and their clothes are tailor made for me. I am certain this is how everyone else who buys from them feels too. I do think the price tag is a little higher than the competition, but it’s mostly justified. I’d rather pay more to look good than grab a bargain that makes me look like a half-chewed sausage. Wouldn’t you?

Here’s my fave Simple Be dress, this was ages ago and I reckon they’ve sold out by now.

Do you have any recommendations? My student loan arrives in a month, I welcome suggestions on where to spend it!

Two Tiny Hands

9 thoughts on “Where to Buy Plus Size Clothes (That Aren’t Just Floral Sacks)

  1. I love that bra, indeed some decent bras I’m still in rubbish nursing bras. I don’t have any more tips for you or places to go as I rarely shop and unlike you I don’t keep a beedy eye out for things! Lol!

    ‪Thank you for linking up to the #familyfunlinky‬

    1. I bet you could! The clothes are lovely (and forgiving). When my student loan comes in next month I’m going to get a few more bits!

  2. I find clothes hard to buy not because of my size but because of my age! lol. I literally have no idea at times what I should be wearing and it winds me up when all you get in some shops is stuff that is suitable for teenagers. What about us normal Mums?! I walk past a shop in town and now I can’t remember its name, but it is for curvy ladies and I often see something pretty but they don’t go down low enough in size so it can be a pain both ways. I don;t know why they don’t cater for every size in every shop. #familyfunlinky

    1. It is hard in highstreet shops, they tend to cater for the young ‘uns so I’ve drifted online. I still just wear what I feel like but my mum sometimes tells me I’ve made a terrible mistake haha x

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