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Buying Your Hay Fever Medication Online is Not to be Sneezed at!

Spring has sprung and my sinuses have spoken. Pollen has burst into my life, leaving me sniffling, sneezing and scratching my eyes. Hay fever is no fun at all!

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I’ve found an amazing hack for those like me who go for the generic brands – buy your hay fever medication online! Not only is it usually the cheapest option, you don’t actually need to learn how to say the words. Even if you buy branded products like Piriton, it’s a mouthful.

Try saying chlorphenamine  mid-sniffle and see if the pharmacist offers up any more than a ‘bless you’!

I switched to generics back when I had no money and I’ve carried on the money saving tradition. They are cheaper to buy, they do the same job but they always make me look like a tongue-tied loser when I ask for them at the register (and they’re always kept behind the counter). I’ll share my knowledge with you so you too can buy generic (and buy online so save a red face matches your poor red eyes!)

Cetirizine Hydrochloride: These are the one-a-day non-drowsy tablets that are the same drug as Piriteze.

Chlorphenamine: These are traditional antihistamines that also help ease symptoms of other allergies and things like nettle rash. This is the same drug as Piriton and can make you quite drowsy (it knocks me out).

Beclometasone: This is a nasal spray that can help stop sneezing. It doesn’t tend to make you drowsy and it’s the same drug as Beconase.

Loratadine: Another one-a-day drug with antihistamine properties meaning it can help ease skin allergies too. This is the same drug as Claritin.

Levocetirizine Dihydrochloride: A one-a-day antihistamine that can help relieve hay fever. It’s the same drug as Xyzal.

See what I mean about the names?!

The above drugs are strictly for over 18s and shouldn’t be used when pregnant or breastfeeding. If you are unsure what will work best for you, always seek advice from your GP or a pharmacist.


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