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Your Brain? It’s Not Something To Frazzle And Fry!

There’s a lot of good things in life that need to be fried – chicken, eggs – mostly food really. But have you ever heard of frying your brain? No? It’s a colloquial term for stress and feeling down. It’s when electrons and signals fire around your head and cause migraines and all sorts of other things. When you don’t look after your brain, it can lead to a lot of terrible things that can not only affect your peace of mind, but your mental state. Believe me; you’re going to need your brain to be in one piece if you want to make the most of your life.

Brain health is an actual thing, and our brains need to be kept as healthy as possible. By keeping physically healthy through a bit of exercise, our diet, and nutritional habits and ensuring we engage our brains with people – we can keep our brain and our bodies healthy to ensure our brain stays in good health. If we don’t do this, we can experience stress and some serious decline in the state of our mental health and our brain. If you match good eating and health habits with living a good social life, you’ll be able to ensure your brain is in good condition.

Sleep is also something that affects our mental health and state of mind. In fact, it might be one of the single most important aspects of mental health. Sleep allows the brain to repair itself and perform important maintenance that is essential for performance in life. Everything picked up by the mind during the day is etched into the mind in sleep – so if we do not get a good night of restful sleep, it can damage our learning. This is bad for an adult, but it can be awful for children. No matter what, sleep is important so get your king sheet sets out, and get a good night of rest – especially if the day before has been hectic. The importance of sleep can’t be understated and you’ll avoid a frazzled brain if you can build a good sleep routine.

Stress is also something that can really hurt the brain. Years and years ago, believe it or not, stress was something that could help us out! When we needed adrenaline in life or death situations, stress would help us find that adrenaline. However, when we’re at the office and stressed, we can’t put that adrenaline to good use, and instead of being a life-saving substance it becomes a toxin on the mind and seeps in, wearing us down. Stress isn’t just neurological, it can seriously damage our heart and our cardiovascular systems. Stress is something we need to learn to avoid or cope with if we want to keep our mind and bodies in great condition.

Your brain needs to be rested and relaxed as much as it can. It’s essential to our lives and our health that the brain isn’t always working. Sometimes it’s ok to settle down and do nothing at all, especially so if we’re getting ourselves agitated, worked up and stressed out.


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