Bombshell: The Most Iconic Hairstyles On Earth

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If you were born in the 1980’s, then you will remember going crazy over a couple of celebrity hairstyles. Firstly, The Rachel. There wasn’t a girl alive who didn’t lust after this Friend’s characters barnet. Later on, it was Victoria Beckham who went for a staggered Bob, and we all fell in love again.

There have been many iconic hairstyles over the years. Let’s take a look at some of the best and see if they could come back into fashion.

Bombshell: The Most Iconic Hairstyles On Earth

Marilyn Monroe is a great place to start.  She was famous for her white blonde locks which she often kept short with a sweet curl.  Of course, her makeup style was part of this look, a pale complexion with on fleek eyebrows and a bright red lip.  Marilyn was the most fashionable bombshell of all time. Her hairstyle has been reproduced over the years, perhaps most famously by Madonna.

As mentioned earlier, the 1990’s saw one of the biggest hair crazes ever. Rachel Green sported a long bob with heavy layering, and the public went nuts for it. Uber flattering, this style gave you plenty of lift and loads of volume.  The Rachel is the most requested hairstyle in salons, of all time!

Bombshell: The Most Iconic Hairstyles On Earth

It would be criminal not to mention Audrey Hepburn. Not only was her hairstyle in Breakfast At Tiffany’s completely lusted after, she later sported a beautiful elfin crop which was hugely fashionable in the 1960’s. This look was taken to the next level when Victoria Beckham wowed everyone, stepping out with a very short Elf cut.  There are some fresh new twists on this if you check out

Julia Roberts took the voluminous red curls to the center stage when she rocked her hair loose and free on Pretty Woman.  Julia has large curls which give an incredible mane look to her style.  Not many women could pull off this look, but we think Miss Roberts can thanks to her gorgeous wide smile.

There have been loads of royal hairstyles that we lusted after, but two of the best are The Duchess Of Cambridge, Kate.  The newest member of the Royal Family has become our latest hair icon. She rocks the royal blow! Her late mother in law, Princess Diana set a few beauty and fashion trends of her own.  However, it was her soft, 1980’s school boy crop which made her so well known.  This look was mixed perfectly with her smoky eye.  What an incredible woman.


The last word should go to Victoria Beckham’s Pob.  A graduated bob which became one of the most copied styles of the noughties.
Have you had any of these hairstyles and would you rock one out today? We selected the ones which are most likely to stay in fashion for years to come.  Your hairstyle says a lot about you, don’t just hide behind your usual look, be brave and get a daring new look!


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