Betty Box Review: The Period Box Subscription That’s Perfect for Teens!

You may have seen me talk about beauty box subscriptions, but did you know you can get a period box subscription?

Well you can, and I just tested out the Betty Box.

It’s bright it’s fun and has a funky design. Teens are the main demographic, but as my husband likes to remind me; I’m a teenage girl inside. That’s probably why I love it.

Often, your period can be a joyless occasion; you’re uncomfortable, bloated, in pain, and a bit cranky and stressed. It almost seemed there was no silver lining.

Behold your silver lining:

period Box Subscription

Yes, its the Betty Box!

period Box Subscription

The contents comes in bright little boxes that are labelled ‘for night’, ‘for later’, ‘for you’, and you get a cool little pouch which it handbag (or schoolbag) handy.

period Box Subscription

Period supplies fill the pouch (pads and pantyliners), the ‘for night’ box (night time pads) and the ‘for later’ box (more pads). A good size stash even for my week long periods.

period Box Subscription

The best thing about the period products is that they’re from well-known brands. So for me, there’s no worries about leaks or any other period unpleasantness. On the website there’s a choice of products that they’ll send out, and you can change your selection any time.

I love that they recognise everyone’s period is different and offer products in all shapes and sizes. It’s great to have choices and tailor the box to your needs.It’s even more important for teens; they’re only just starting to make their own decisions in life, and with something so personal, they need the freedom to make their own choices.

Aside from all the business stuff you get for you period, there’s loads of lovely fun stuff just for you too. Here’s what was in my box:

period Box Subscription

Clockwise (starting at 12 o’clock) I got: some sleep tea, some Bandees hair ties, Bryt socks, MAGN!TONE microfibre face cleansing cloth, Bakedin Chocolate Brownie Mug Mix, and a Bare Foot lemon & sage foot scrub. In the middle is the little booklet that tells you about what you’ve got in the box.

I love everything! It’s cold out, I have period pains, and it’s not quite close enough to Christmas to get excited yet. These treats have really brightened up my evening. I’m in my final year at uni and it’s exam time at the moment, so these treats have been getting me through what would have been an otherwise dismal period.

I think these subscription boxes will have people looking forward to their periods instead of dreading them. As someone who spent most of her teen years dreading my time of the month, I think it’s really important to make this monthly experience more pleasant. Betty Box made my period so much less awful, thank you for sending me a box to try out!

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