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Better Business Starts With a Great Office

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Your office is at the heart of your business, and should never be an afterthought. It’s where you and your employees spend most of your time, and is where the main bulk of the work happens. A nice office environment makes for happier and more motivated staff which is likely to equal more profit for you too. Plus your office is what customers and employees will see, and so it needs to make a good impression. Here’s what you need to consider to make the most of the space, and create the best very office environment you can.


With the right layout, you maximize the space you have. Staff should be able to move around easily, and it shouldn’t feel cramped or claustrophobic. Aim to position desks next to windows since natural light has been shown to make workers happier and more motivated. You may also need to create separate areas for different things. For example, a collaboration area for group work, and then separate desks or cubicles for phone calls and meetings with clients.

Communal Areas

As well as spaces for different working tasks, it is worth having a more social area too. When you are looking for office premises to rent or buy, look for somewhere where you can set up a staff social area. You could add a vending and coffee machine and some comfortable chairs. If staff have somewhere to sit and eat their lunch or relax on breaks they don’t need to leave the building every break. This could mean less loss minutes for you, and happier staff members.

Better Business Starts With a Great Office


Fast computers with good software will make everyone’s job easier, and everyone will be far more efficient. You could give workers the choice between a Mac or Windows computer depending on what they usually use, meaning they can work their way around things much more quickly. Ergonomically designed desks and chairs will prevent strain and injury, which can lead to dissatisfaction at work and sick days. Other equipment you will need in your office is a good security system to protect your companies valuables. A surveillance system from a site like and a professionally fitted burglar alarm are two options to consider.


Having somewhere to store office supplies and important documents is crucial. Everything should be accessible to ensure the smooth running of your business. It could be built in units and cupboards if your office has these or filing cabinets and storage designed for offices.


Creating a great office doesn’t come cheap. Equipment is expensive, and there are a million and one other costs to factor in such as insurances and monthly subscription costs for software. However making sure you have everything you and your employees need will make business faster and more efficient. If you spend the time, money and resources here, it will pay off everywhere else.


How much thought have you given your office space? If you are on the hunt for premises, what kinds of things will you be looking for?

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