Where to Find the Best Mobile Phone Deals

Taking out a new mobile phone contract is a big decision. If you don’t research what’s on offer thoroughly, you could end up missing out and paying a high price.

My fiancé is one of those people who spends days considering which one to go for. The issue with choosing a new contract is not just the make and model that needs consideration, you must think about which tariff is best for you. That’s how he found this amazing comparison tool for the best deal.

I want an iPhone 7, so I entered the details to see what I could get.

Best Mobile Phone Deals
Screenshot of the tool for iPhone 7

As you can see, there are options on the left, which you can toggle. I selected the 128GB to compare, in black with 2GB of data. Calls and texts don’t matter too much to me, but I need enough data to answer emails and Facebook comments when I’m out of the house (being a blogger I need to always be reachable).

The results presented the best deal as being £37.99 per month with a £35 fee up front. This also explains that the service provider is EE and the contract length is 24 months (which most are these days). Not a bad price!

If you scroll down, there’s a list of options that you can compare.

Best Mobile Phone Deals

You can see that if I’m willing to pay a little more, I could get a whopping 30GB on the 3 network! That’s such a good deal, almost too good to pass up! I wouldn’t necessarily have come across it when I was just Googling because I thought I was only able to afford 2GB. Having a toddler who has frequent hospital stays and a keen interest in YouTube videos of cars, I could really do with that extra data!

There’s also another fab feature, if you scroll down a little further, there’s information on the make and model of the phone.

Best Mobile Phone Deals

I think it’s important to know what the handset can offer. I like to be able to take good quality pictures on the go, so camera quality is important to me. If I wasn’t happy with the camera specs, I would just start the process again until I found the best phone for me.

If you need a new phone, you need this tool. In my opinion, it’s the best one out there!


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