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The Best Home Apps You’re Probably Not Using

As the smartphone revolution continues and brings us closer than ever to a constant life online, it might feel tempting to completely ignore the digital world in favour of a more analogue, rustic experience. It’d be difficult to blame you. Sometimes, an over reliance on smartphones or digital IT platforms can make us feel disenfranchised from ourselves, as we compare ourselves to others postings on Instagram or simply spend too much time using these devices to live a healthy life.

Fortunately though, with the right temperance, we are able to find some exceptionally useful apps that are hidden away in the nooks and crannies of the App or Play store. Used well and with temperance, these apps can truly help you save time out of your day, or collect information to help you through some home situations that you might not expect to need help with.


Fashion Apps

Luckily, there are too many fashion apps to name here. From Asos to Boohoo to Miss Selfridge, all of these apps sport easily navigable beauty sections that collate your beauty buying trends and can recommend you items based on your tastes and what is in fashion for the coming season. If you find yourself lost with what to purchase each season and would like a mini style guide in your pocket, these apps can be a godsend, and we’d recommend installing all of them. When you’ve finally attained the outfit you truly wanted to achieve, you can be sure that you’ll be tempted to take a selfie to post on your social media’s in an attempt to show just how fashionable and trendy you can be. Who could blame you? Check out this selfie guide here to make sure you’re adhering to the common standard in beauty photography and aren’t worried about looking silly as you post the photographs.



Evernote is a cloud synced note taking application which can give you a depository to place your information in a secure and encrypted format online. Not only this, but clipping pages from the internet in your notes can help you if crafting mood boards, coming up with recipes or simply trying to organise yourself better. Evernote has apps for all IT platforms and will allow you to sync your note between them. If needing to communicate with a family member or product partner, you will be able to use Evernote between you quickly with the sharing ‘work chat’ instant messaging integration. There is simply no note taking app as useful on the app market right now.


One You Easy Meals

If needing a quick recipe to be knocked up, One You Easy Meals will give you a plan and instructional listing to give you a satisfying hot meal within 10 minutes. You can set it so it suggests to you certain cuisines, or neglects results that require certain ingredients, which is useful if you have allergies that really need avoiding. If teaching a cooking novice how to begin making food on their own, this app can serve as an easy and free method of helping them a portable pocket based cookbook, so they don’t resort to expensive and often unhealthy takeout meals.

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