Best Equipment to Pack for Travel Photography

Travelling with the photography equipment needed for great photos can be quite cumbersome. It’s hard to find the balance between wanting to travel light and wanting bring the best kit bag. Luckily, Clifton Cameras have created a fabulous infographic to advise you on the best equipment to pack for travel photography.

Here are some of my own tips for travel photography:

Equipment to pack for travel photography

First you need to recognise the difference between need to have, and nice to have. For example, you need a camera, a laptop is nice, but can probably wait until you get home (depending on the length of your trip).


The most important consideration when travelling with expensive photography equipment is whether it can be stored somewhere safe. If you’re staying in cheap, shared accommodation such as a hostel, will your kit bag be safe?

It might pay to insure your equipment and take extra security measures.

Where are you travelling to? Do you have power adaptors that will work in those destinations?


Even if you prefer to be inspired in the moment, it pays to research where you’re heading. It would be terrible if you missed out on a nearby hidden treasure purely because you hadn’t planned.

Check what’s going on nearby when you arrive. You may find traditional festivals to photograph during your stay. Check out travel blogs for inspiration.

Follow the road less travelled, seek out the sunset and most importantly: have fun!

Best Equipment to Pack for Travel Photography




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