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Beets BLU Bluetooth Bathroom Scale Review

I have a new toy! I’m very excited to be the proud owner of some Beets BLU Bluetooth bathroom scales*!

Those of you who follow my weight loss posts will be seeing a lot more of these scales as I expect they will change the way I lose weight from now on. You see, they don’t just measure your weight (in kgs, lbs or stones, might I add) but they also record your BMI and body fat percentage (mine isn’t 100% fat it turns out haha!).

Beets BLU bathrrom scales review

Independently, the scale works fine, but if you link it up to your smartphone or tablet with the free app, that gives your access to they extra measurements as well as giving you the opportunity to set new goals within these parameters.

I’m a fan of record keeping, so seeing these numbers in front of me has really spurred me on to do well.

When you set up the app it asks for some details and gives the option to import information instead. I set up the scale before I opened the app so that I had everything ready at the same time. The app is really easy and self explanatory.

Beets BLU Bluetooth Scale Review Beets BLU Bluetooth Scale review Beets BLU Bluetooth scales

I entered everything manually (I actually had to Google what Google Fit was, also, why would Facebook know my height?).

After that bit, you get some info on what you should do:

Screenshot_20160627-163409 Beets BLU scale

It’s important to note the scale should be on a hard surface, so not carpet and also not lino (I tried it on lino first and it fluctuated loads without getting an accurate reading, once I moved to my bathroom floor, it was fine).

Then it’s really simple and you just get on, it beeps twice and the info is sent straight to the app for you look (or in my case cringe) at.

I won’t post my results because I’m just too embarrassed but, I will start to once I’m down to a more acceptable weight.

I’ve set my goals to the top end of the ‘healthy ‘ range for BMI and weight as that will be my initial goal. Once I reach those goals I’ll reassess. For muscle mass percentage, I wasn’t really sure what to do, but I Googled it and an average woman should have a muscle mass percentage of 36%, so I went with that (if you know otherwise, please correct me because I don’t want to be wrong). As with BMI and weight goals, I’ll reassess muscle mass once my body has started changing.

I’ve been in a rut lately with my weight loss. For three full weeks I’ve stayed the same (it’s really hard to maintain a weight, except for when you don’t actually want to) but now I’ve got some clearer targets, I think this is exactly what I needed to kick-start my motor.

You can purchase these scales from Amazon.

Beets BLU bathrrom scales review


*This scale was sent to me in exchange for an honest review. All views posted are my actual real-life opinions. I love this scale, it’s so high-tech!


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    1. Thanks Simi, I’m trying so hard, I do so well then I suddenly do terribly. This rut is hopefully over now though, so we’ll have to see! x

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